Anuel pierde la paciencia con una fan que le aventó una botella en pleno concierto

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Anuel AA calls “silly with the blue wig” a fan who threw a bottle at him in the middle of the concert

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Tom Hanks’ furious reaction to a fan who got too close to his wife


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‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ has everything the Star Wars fan wanted… and hoped for | Spoiler-free review


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The case of the fan to whom Karol G gave tickets for his concert because he preferred to pay for his studies


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Jennifer Aniston is a fan of this $24 piece of underwear


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José Eduardo Derbez recalled the disappointment that a fan had for not seeing him drunk


The actor starred in the series “My uncle.” (Photo: Instagram/@jose_eduardo92) like seldom, Jose Eduardo Derbez shared one of the worst experiences he has faced with fans during his artistic career. The Mexican interpreter said that some time ago he felt disappointed about the impression that some people had with him after a surprising encounter with … Read more

Banda Recoditos applauds that a fan has given them hot licks


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Photos with policemen, unusual posters and a kiss to a fan: furor over Miley Cyrus’s visit to Argentina


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Tini Stoessel’s unexpected reaction to being surprised by a fan who got on stage


Tini Stoessel’s unexpected reaction after a fan got on stage (Video: Twitter @TINlnews) Without a doubt, Tini Stoessel He is in one of the best moments of his career. not only just released “fantasy”his new theme with Beele, but is also in the middle of a great tour that covers Argentina and also several cities … Read more