Jessi Uribe’s daughter was honest with Paola Jara and made her opinion clear about dating her father

Jessi Uribes daughter was honest with Paola Jara and made

Photo: Instagram @jessiuribe3 Jessica Uribe is one of the Colombian singers with the greatest recognition today, among other things, because his songs accumulate millions of reproductions on digital platforms and his intimate life is of great interest to thousands of people, who were surprised with some recent publications he made on social networks Luna Isabel, … Read more

Julián Román paid tribute to his father, the late actor Edgardo Román

Julian Roman paid tribute to his father the late actor

Taken from Instagram @ julianroman1 In the morning hours of this January 7, the actor’s followers Edgardo Roman they found out about his passing. At the age of 71, he was battling cancer that was described by his son, Julián Román, as “a difficult disease full of ups and downs” repeatedly. Through Julián Román’s Instagram … Read more

Emilio Osorio, Karol Sevilla’s boyfriend, spoke about his plans to become a father

Emilio Osorio Karol Sevillas boyfriend spoke about his plans to

(Photo: Instagram / emilio.marcos). The singer and former participant of Who is the mask, Emilio Osorio, revealed the plans he has to become a father And, although he did not make it clear if this will happen with his girlfriend, the actress and singer Karol Sevilla, he did confess that he still plans to wait … Read more

This is how forceful Claudia Osborne is to talk about her relationship with her father

Last weekend Bertín Osborne was the great protagonist of the special program Your home is yours, where he opened the doors of his house in the Sevillian town of Alcalá de Guadaira to receive Toñi Moreno. The popular singer and presenter did a review of his life and showed his most personal side with his … Read more

The strong statements of Halyna Hutchins father against Alec Baldwin: “He is guilty of his death”

The strong statements of Halyna Hutchins father against Alec Baldwin

The strong statements of Halyna Hutchins father against Alec Baldwin: “He is guilty of his death” In the middle of the investigation into the death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film “Rust” in October, the father of the director of photography, Anatoly Androsovych, gave harsh statements to the newspaper. The Sun and … Read more

L-Ghent’s father reappeared and wanted to see him: the singer’s reaction

L Ghents father reappeared and wanted to see him the singers

The great year of L-Ghent: this is how I got to vote, surrounded by media and fans If there will be a year to remember in the life of Elián Ángel Valenzuela, better known as L-Gante, it will undoubtedly be 2021. Because it was the hinge for the 21-year-old who created a music empire with … Read more

Why didn’t Selena Quintanilla celebrate Christmas? His father revealed it

Why didnt Selena Quintanilla celebrate Christmas His father revealed it

The queen of Tex-Mex continues to be an icon in Spanish music, which is why new generations continue to be surprised by her career and tragic death. For this reason, very few know the reason why Selena quintanilla he did not celebrate Christmas. The singer was born on April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas. … Read more

Javier Castro, the father of Daniela Castro, passed away: “A loved one and a teacher of life ascended”

Javier Castro the father of Daniela Castro passed away A

(@ danielacastro.oficial) The actress Daniela castro shared a message dedicated to his father, musician Javier Castro Muñoz, who died last Friday, December 17, according to a statement from the National Association of Interpreters of Mexico (ANDI). “Yesterday a loved one and a teacher of life ascended,” began the publication shared by Daniela, who made a … Read more

Cristian Castro and his difficult confession: “I promised that I would be better than my father”

Cristian Castro and his difficult confession I promised that I

The singer mentioned that he was “somewhat selfish” with his children for preferring his career (Photo: Instagram / @ cristiancastropop) The actor and singer Cristian Sainz Castro, known by his stage name Cristian castro, was interviewed upon arrival in Monterrey where he will have a Christmas presentation, after the singer confessed in previous days which … Read more

Alba Santana says goodbye to her father in Madrid: ‘I have not come to offer my condolences to the widow’

Alba Santana He has received another of the hardest blows of his life. Six months after Fbirth of his mother Mila Ximénez, his father, the tennis legend Manolo Santana died in Marbella at the age of 83. The young woman, who lives in Amsterdam with her husband, Aviv Miron, and their children, Alexander, and Victoria, … Read more