Consuelo Duval recalled the iconic look of “Federica P. Luche” for the new hairstyle of Samuel García and Mariana Rodríguez

Photos: Instagram / @consueloduval / @ marianardzcantu Consuelo Duval joined the wave of memes that Internet users created by the striking photographs of Mariana Rodríguez Cantú and Samuel Garcia. The actress evoked one of the looks that came to wear “Federica P. Luche”And compared it to the new haircut worn by the governor of the … Read more

Federica Cavenati, the dressmaker who instantly fell in love with VIPS, dies at 28

11/06/2021 – 13:40 Updated: 06/11/2021 – 13:40 At 28 years old, Federica Cavenati it seemed to have accomplished everything. She was young, she was pretty, she enjoyed a complicit love with her husband, Marco Capaldo, who was also his professional right hand, and his creativity with his clothing designs had made big stars like JLo, … Read more

Federica Cavenati, founder of fashion brand 16 Arlington, dies at 28


Federica Cavenati, co-founder of the British firm 16 Arlington, has died at the age of 28 from a “rapid and sudden illness,” according to his family. Her name may not be well known, but she was the architect of many of the outfits that Jennifer López, Lizzo, Lady Gaga or Amal Clooney have worn in … Read more