Cuquita Abarca sues Televisa for gender-based media violence in an unauthorized bioseries by Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernandez and Cuquita. Photo: HECTOR MATA/AFP/Getty Images “Cuquita” coverswidow of Vicente Fernandezfiled another lawsuit against Televisa for the unauthorized bioseries of the musical icon and this time for gender media violence. According to the Fernandez’s attorney, Bull Framethe mother of “El Potrillo” has been violated in this way in the television project ‘El Último … Read more

The Last King: Juan Osorio’s series revived the accusations of sexual abuse against Vicente Fernández

Lupita Castro assured that Vicente Fernández used his influences to try to bury his accusations of sexual abuse (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Lupita Castro Entertainment) The second season of the series El Último Rey, El Hijo del Pueblo where the life of Vicente Fernandezbased on a book not authorized by the family of the Mexican interpreter, … Read more

Merle Uribe assured that Vicente Fernández paid 4 million dollars to Patricia Rivera to keep her away


Merle Uribe uncovered the large amount that Vicente Fernández paid Patricia Rivera to keep her away (Photos: Twitter/@cinede-oromx/@vicente.el_rey) In the middle of the premiere of the second season of The last kingunauthorized biographical series of Vicente Fernandez, Merle Uribe assured that Chente you revealed how much money he gave her a Patricia Riveraone of his … Read more

Maribel Guardia defended Vicente Fernández after accusations of truncating careers: “No one does that, not even friends”


Photos: Cuartoscuro // Instagram @maribelguardia Maribel Gardia defended Vicente Fernández against accusations that position him as the alleged person responsible for having truncated the career of Mexican artists, recalled some experiences of empathy that he lived with the singer and shared his point of view regarding the decision he made The Mexican Institute of Industrial … Read more

Talina Fernández receives a ring from her boyfriend at 77 and gives us faith in love

Talina Fernández receives a ring from her boyfriend at 77 and restores our faith in love. | Special Talina Fernández receives a ring from her boyfriend at 77 and gives us faith in loveas it confirms that it is never too late to get excited, to have the best company and to write a new … Read more

Talina Fernández is finally seen with her boyfriend: the photo was shared by her granddaughter María Levy


Talina Fernandez appeared very in love in a photograph that his granddaughter, María Levy, shared on social networks. This would be the first time that the driver is seen with her boyfriend José Manuel Fernández, 80 years oldwith whom he has had a romantic relationship for four months. Through her Instagram stories, the eldest daughter … Read more

Laurita Fernández was honest about her relationship with Benjamín Vicuña: “We knew each other before”


Laurita Fernandez talked about her relationship with Benjamin Vicuna definitely separate from Nicholas Cabre, Laura Fernandez traveled to Mendoza a few days ago to shoot the film dad to the rescue, from Mark Carnevalebeside Benjamin Vicuna. And, as expected, speculation soon arose about the possibility of a romance between her and her ex. Eugenia The … Read more

Pablo Montero disappointed the family of Vicente Fernández, Doña Cuquita: “… Calling himself a supposed friend of our family”


Pablo Montero defends himself from the video by breaking into his ex’s house to take a dining room. Photo: Pablo Montero / Courtesy for the widow of Vicente FernandezDoña Cuquita, about Paul Montero it could almost be seen as a betrayal of the family. To say that she is disappointed is to qualify him politely, … Read more

América Fernández talks about her mother’s boyfriend: “We love him very much”

The family has undoubtedly been a fundamental part in the life of America Guinartmother of the eldest children of Alexander Fernandez. In 1993, a year after marrying the singerdebuted in maternity with the birth of Alex, and has since become a full-time mom, also to her twins. However, this facet of hers has not prevented … Read more