Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee and royal fight: the backstage of a family reunion that ended badly

The Platinum Jubilee Queen Isabel ended, the Duke of Cambridge was discovered selling the “homeless” magazine in the streets of the London neighborhood of Kensington and the Royal Family has restarted its agenda. Those four days of festivities in Britain showed a happy Royal Family but not necessarily united and much less reconciled. the duke … Read more

Lina Tejeiro joined the fight between J Balvin and Chrstian Nodal with a controversial comment

The plainswoman joined Residente, Maluma and Espinosa Paz, as the celebrities who gave their opinion on the conflict | Photos: Instagram Since several days J Balvin Y Christian Nodal they surprised their followers, due to a strong exchange of comments that began thanks to the burlesque comment with which the Colombian singer referred to his … Read more

What was the reason for the fight between Christian Nodal and J Balvin?

Christian Nodal Y J Balvin they staged a fight on social media that left all Internet users speechless, because what seemed like a joke escalated to ridicule, hints and annoyance by the singers. Remember that a few months ago, J Balvin was involved in a fight with Resident, after the reggaeton player made a call … Read more

The expulsion of ‘Potro’ causes a fight between Laura Bozzo and Natalia in La Casa de los Famosos


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Brenda Zambrano and Luis “Potro” Caballero: their first fight in the competition


Telemundo Brenda Zambrano does not tolerate that Potro has yelled at her The House of the Famous 2 every day brings to light the great differences of celebrities, it must not be easy to be living together 24/7 inside a house, monitored and away from the outside world. Although Brenda and “Potro” have already had … Read more

Eduardo Rodríguez does ‘his little fight’ to conquer Daniela Navarro in La Casa de los Famosos


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Amber Heard shows photos of how her face looked after her last fight with Johnny Depp

Written in CELEBRITIES the 5/17/2022 12:48 p.m. In the resumption of the trial facing Johnny Depp with Amber Heardthe actress showed before members of the jury several photos with red marks and swelling on her face, which were supposedly taken after their last fight before getting divorced. The actress of “Aquaman” He concluded his testimony … Read more

Audio reveals Amber Heard started a physical fight with Johnny Depp


After more than a week of rest, this Monday the trial for defamation initiated by the actor Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard has resumed. Before the trial went on hiatus, it was Heard on the witness stand describing disturbing allegations of domestic violence against her ex-husband, and the trial has continued to exactly … Read more

Johnny Depp’s security guard recounts fight with Amber Heard: “She spat on him”

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard keep going. Depp is suing Heard for $50 million by an article written for the Washington Post, in which it states that she was a victim of domestic and sexual violence in her former relationship, however, she never gives Johnny’s specific name. However, Depp’s legal team … Read more

Johnny Depp’s doctor declared that he found “a piece of the finger” of the actor after a violent fight with Amber Heard


The toxic relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard exposed another violent chapter, during the trial that the actor is doing for defamation of his ex The defamation trial facing johnny depp Y Amber Heard told at the beginning of his second week of oral arguments with the testimony of the actor’s doctor, who confirmed … Read more