Top Gun: the tragedy that overshadowed the filming and the mystery that has been unsolved for 36 years

While Tom Cruise was received with honors at the Cannes Film Festival to present Top Gun: Maverickthe sequel to the successful 1986 film that launched him to stardom, several American media recalled on their pages and on their portals a tragic story that occurred during the filming of the original film: the mysterious death of … Read more

Paul Rodríguez accused Will Smith of bullying him during the filming of ‘Ali’

Paul Rodríguez accused Will Smith of having caused him emotional damage (Photos: Getty Images // Reuters) Since the scandalous scene that Will Smith and Chris Rock starred in during the 2022 Oscars ceremony, controversy has accompanied the actor in films such as Looking for happiness; this time, actor of Mexican origin Paul Rodríguez accused Smith … Read more

The new open front between Prince William and the BBC for some filming of ‘The Crown’

The BBC has once again challenged Prince William. The British television network has allowed Netflix to record scenes for the series at its facilities The Crown, which tells the life of Elizabeth II and her family. Specifically, it would have recreated the so-called ‘revenge interview’ that Diana of Wales granted to this station 26 years … Read more

Salma Hayek confessed that she felt intimidated by Harvey Weinstein during the filming of “Frida”

Photos: @salmahayek / @harveyweinstein__ Salma Hayek recalled feeling intimidated when working with Harvey weinstein in the movie Frida. The actress explained that she became depressed by the crude comments that the former American producer made about her characterization as Frida Kahlo. Around the launch of Eternals, the new film from the cinematic world of Marvel … Read more

From Brandon Lee’s death to Vin Diesel’s double coma: accidents during filming

Actor Brandon Lee, in a moment of ‘The Raven’.PROMOTION PHOTO The accident in which Alec Baldwin was involved this Thursday in the filming of the independent West movie Rust It is not an isolated case. After 42-year-old director of photography Halyna Hutchins died after being shot by the actor With a prop gun, which was … Read more