Carolina Ramírez, from ‘La Reina del Flow’, changes her look for a new production

Carolina Ramírez has been recognized in Colombia for different productions such as The Pola and the queen of flow, which have allowed him to position himself nationally and internationally. Now, the actress surprised her followers with a radical change of “look” that caused reactions both for and against. In the publication, Ramírez posed with a … Read more

Yesenia Valencia, from ‘La Reina del Flow’ 2, denounces mistreatment in Mexico

Last Thursday, Colombian actress Yesenia Valencia, remembered for her participation in ‘La Reina del Flow 2’, published a video on her social networks denouncing that she had been a victim of violence at an airport in Mexico when security personnel opened her suitcase without her consent, destroying most of her belongings. Valencia described that this … Read more

“The Queen of Flow”: who is Víctor Pérez, the Spanish influencer who appeared in season 2


“The Queen of Flow”, starring Carolina Ramírez and Carlos Torres, is one of the most successful series in recent years. Throughout its two seasons, various guests paraded as urban music singers and celebrities of the moment, such as the Spanish influencer Víctor Pérez. MORE INFORMATION: Why the Mexican version of “La Reina del Flow” was … Read more