The forceful phrase of Peter Lanzani when asked about the courtship of China Suárez and Rusherking

The actor referred to the criticism that his ex-partner from Casi Ángeles receives through social networks, and admired his strength The last months Eugenia The China Suarez faced negative comments on social media and several times decided to respond with forceful messages and reflections on bullying. On Tuesday Peter Lanzani was asked about it in … Read more

The forceful decision of Elizabeth II on Harry and Meghan for their celebrations for the 70 years of reign

The prince harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, they will be left out of the photo. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and also Andrew – the Duke of York – will not join other royals on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the start of the platinum jubilee celebrations. Queen isabel II next month, … Read more

Richard Williams, a more forceful slap than Will Smith’s


“We don’t know all the details of what happened, but we don’t condone anyone hitting unless it’s in self-defense.” It is the official comment Richard Williamsexpressed through his son Chavoita LeSane on NBC News, regarding the slap that Will Smith hit Chris Rock during the Oscar ceremony after a joke by the comedian and presenter … Read more

Regina Blandón sent a forceful message to the anti-vaccine people: “Ya chole, right?”


The actress had Covid-19 (Photo: Ig @reginablandon) A few hours ago, the Mexican actress, Regina Blandón, used her social networks to send a strong message to the anti-vaccine population, whom he invited to inoculate with the COVID-19 vaccine in order to combat the health emergency that is being experienced in the country. From her Instagram … Read more

This is how forceful Claudia Osborne is to talk about her relationship with her father

Last weekend Bertín Osborne was the great protagonist of the special program Your home is yours, where he opened the doors of his house in the Sevillian town of Alcalá de Guadaira to receive Toñi Moreno. The popular singer and presenter did a review of his life and showed his most personal side with his … Read more

Marjorie de Sousa’s forceful response to criticism from Alicia Machado


Machado commented that what is happening is the worst thing a mother can do (Photo: Instagram @ machadooficial / @ arjodsousa) After what Alicia Machado will participate in The Famous Houses and issued strong comments on the relationship of Marjorie de Sousa and Julian Gil, the actress of The soulless gave his opinion on it. … Read more

Sarah Jessica Parker’s forceful response to criticism about her appearance and her gray hair


File Photo: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw for an Airbnb ad The return of “Sex and the City” to television with three of its four main characters (actress Kim Catrall decided not to be part of the new chapters) has caused people to talk about more than how the life of the protagonist Carrie … Read more

From the unusual image of newlyweds to the forceful declaration of love: the atypical ‘yes, I want’ of Mako from Japan

Mako from Japan has finally had his happy ending. The Princess, niece of the emperor and daughter of the crown prince Akishino, married her fiancé on Tuesday, attorney Kei Komuro. The couple has waited three years to celebrate their nuptials And, especially she, has had to make many resignations that have reduced her mental health. … Read more