The story of Pepita Gomís and Héctor Suárez: love, forgiveness and redemption

Josefina Gomís and Héctor Suárez were married for 36 years and had two children together: Héctor Suárez Gomís and Julieta Suárez Gomís. (Credit: Suárez Gomís Family) Sunday morning Hector Suárez Gomís announced through his account Twitter that his mother the actress and presenter Josefina Gomís, better known as “Pepita”, died at 83 years of age. … Read more

The heartbreaking story of Gianinna Maradona in which she asks Diego for forgiveness

Gianinna Maradona and the emotional letter to Diego (Photo: @giamaradona) In a few days the first anniversary of the death of Diego Maradona And while tributes are being prepared all over the world, the gaze is once again focused on his innermost circle: what will his family do next November 25? Although it was learned … Read more