“It cost me a lot”: Galilea Montijo confessed how her depression was after receiving Mateo

Galilea Montijo confessed to having suffered postpartum depression (Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo) A little less than a month ago, the new season of Divine Netwhich is driven by Natalia Téllez, Consuelo Duval, Daniela Magún, Paola Rojas; during this new stage of one of the flagship programs of unicable it was decided to add the controversial presenter of … Read more

From Julión Álvarez to Galilea Montijo: which celebrities were linked to drug traffickers and why

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Tunden Galilea Montijo for calling Eugenio Derbez “boss” in the United States


Galilea Montijo Y Eugenio Derbez have become two of the Mexican celebrities with the greatest number of detractors in recent years due to their friendships -in her case with Ines Gomez Mont– or support campaigns for or against various governments -as he did with save me from the trainwhich seeks to resume the beginnings of … Read more

Superholly and Yalitza Aparicio: this is how the controversy that left Galilea Montijo in a bad light was settled


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What Galilea Montijo said about her alleged affair with Maca Carriedo


The drivers were romantically related and, so far, only Galilea has denied the rumors. Photo: @Galileamontijo / @maca_online Galilea Montijo faced the rumors that were unleashed about an alleged extramarital affair that he would have had with Maca Carriedo when the two were working Today. The Guadalajara asked to stop with the speculations about his … Read more

The best memes of Galilea Montijo for the meeting of Yalitza Aparicio and Superholly


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Galilea Montijo advises Belinda not to return the engagement ring that Nodal gave her


Belinda and Christian Nodal they decided to put end their relationship love and wedding commitment, for which several questions have arisen around it, such as what will happen with the expensive ring with which the singer asked her to marry him. About, Galilea Montijo gave her opinion and advised Belinda not to return the ring. … Read more

“The rings do not return”: Galilea Montijo advises Belinda not to return her engagement ring to Christian Nodal


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Galilea Montijo advised Belinda not to return the engagement ring to Christian Nodal


Photos: @belindapop / @galileamontijo / @nodal / Instagram In the most recent edition of the morning Todaythe driver Galilea Montijo added to the controversy dBelinda and Christian Nodal broke up. There the presenter sent a message to the interpreter of Love at first sight in reference to the engagement ring she received in May 2021. … Read more

Superholly responded to Galilea Montijo’s criticism: “What’s up with the comment?”


Photo: Darkroom IG @radioholly After the controversial comment that launched Galilee Montijo in defense of Yalitza Aparicio for the criticism it received from super holly Regarding her pronunciation in English, the youtuber asked the television presenter to watch her video before giving her opinion and assured that the most important thing about speaking in another … Read more