Gerard Piqué, until he meets his new girlfriend?

There is no doubt that the end of the romance between Gerard Piqué and Shakira It is still the media topic of the moment. It is not only a love breakup, but a relationship of 12 years and two children together. However, the Barcelona footballer would have already forgotten the interpreter of “Congratulations” with a … Read more

Gerard Piqué’s alleged new partner would look a lot like Shakira

The soccer player Gerard Piqué and the Colombian singer Shakira, recently starred in one of the most notorious ruptures of the international show. After rumors of infidelity by the FC Barcelona athlete, these ‘celebs’ from Spain announced their separation in a public statement addressed to the media. MORE INFORMATION: Shakira and the messages addressed to … Read more

They reveal the modus operandi of Gerard Piqué to be unfaithful to Shakira without being discovered

Written in CELEBRITIES the 6/20/2022 12:23 p.m. Just over two weeks ago the separation between Shakira and Gerard Hammered, and the subject follows giving that to speak. Now the alleged modus operandi that the soccer player would have used to go out with his alleged lover without the Colombian singer realizing it. According to the … Read more

Portrait of Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend comes to light: a woman just like Shakira was sought, they say

Gerard Piqué It seems that yes, that he does have a new love, but the Catalan did not want to go very far and he looked for a woman very similar to Shakira. The program “Sálvame” from Spain, like El Gordo y la Flaca Univision has already shown this portrait and some of the European … Read more

The striking like of Gerard Piqué on Shakira after confirming the separation


The controversial like of Gerard Piqué on Shakira, after their separation In the midst of the media scandal and after confirmation about the separation with Shakira, Gerard Piqué launched a controversial and striking like On twitter to a message that mentions his ex-partner and that obviously surprised everyone. After the repercussion that was generated from … Read more

Shakira and Gerard Piqué seek to protect their children in the midst of their media separation


The Colombian and the Spanish prioritize children in the middle of the separation – Credits: @Grosby Group The separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué has the world in suspensesince the rumors of a crisis began until it finally arrived, the very confirmation of the breakup by the couple. Now, the singer and the footballer have … Read more

Supposed “third in discord” between Shakira and Gerard Piqué gives his first statements

Shakira and Gerard Piqué announced their breakup on June 4 after 12 years of relationship amid rumors of infidelity. It has been speculated that the Spanish soccer player cheated on the Colombian singer with a 22-year-old girl whose initials were supposedly known: CM The young woman who met the description that has been given of … Read more

Gerard Piqué, molesto tras las declaraciones de la familia de Shakira ante la prensa


Poco a poco van saliendo a la luz nuevas informaciones sobre la ruptura entre Shakira y Gerard Piqué tras más de doce años de relación. Muchos son los rumores que circulan sobre el motivo por el cual la pareja habría finalizado su relación, pero hasta el momento ninguno de los dos ha confirmado o desmentido … Read more

Gerard Piqué, without control after his separation from Shakira: “He is spending a lot of money on parties”


Gerard Piqué and Shakira separated after 12 years of relationship (Reuters) Gerard Piqué continues to be the center of attention of the majority of the Spanish media after it became official a week ago his separation from Colombian singer Shakira after 12 years of relationship. The central of the FC Barcelona occupies much of the … Read more

The affectionate gesture of Antonela Roccuzzo with Shakira in the midst of her separation from Gerard Piqué


Despite the strong friendship that has united for more than 20 years Leo Messi with Gerard Piquéfor a long time there was speculation about a supposed confrontation between who their partners were: Antonella Roccuzzo Y Shakira. She spoke of jealousy, rudeness and bad vibes. And the most daring even dared to say that women hated … Read more