The affectionate gesture of Antonela Roccuzzo with Shakira in the midst of her separation from Gerard Piqué

Despite the strong friendship that has united for more than 20 years Leo Messi with Gerard Piquéfor a long time there was speculation about a supposed confrontation between who their partners were: Antonella Roccuzzo Y Shakira. She spoke of jealousy, rudeness and bad vibes. And the most daring even dared to say that women hated … Read more

They took a photo of Juan Darthés in a bar in Rio de Janeiro and it went viral due to a gesture from his wife

Juan Darthes Juan Darthes and his wife Maria del Carmen Leone have been living in Brazil for a few years, after Thelma Fardin denounce the actor for rape in Nicaragua, as part of a tour of the youth strip Ugly Duckling. The actress is carrying out a legal battle in the neighboring country, with some … Read more

The moving gesture of solidarity by Bautista, the son of Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña


Pampita’s son excited a boy from the Garrote neighborhood Baptist Vicunathe son of Carolina Ardohain Y Benjamin Vicunaparticipated in a solidarity action carried out Associate, a non-profit NGO that was founded by Roberto Garcia Moritan with the aim of accompanying and promoting existing socio-productive enterprises in vulnerable neighborhoods in the province of Buenos Aires and … Read more

Young man sat next to Tom Holland on a flight and the actor had an emotional gesture with her


How many times in your life could you accidentally meet your favorite artist or celebrity in the same place you are? Sadly, very rarely. For this reason, people who have been lucky enough to see their ‘celebrity’ in a restaurant, at the airport or on the street, do not hesitate to share the moment on … Read more

Alejandro Riaño’s gesture with the entrepreneurs affected by the Jamming Festival


Taken from Instagram @Alejandroria Several entrepreneurs were affected by the cancellation of the JammingFestival 2022some resorted to their social networks and those of relatives to be able to sell the merchandise with which they stayed at their stands ready to receive the more than 50,000 attendees who expected the event every day from March 19 … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña traveled to Paris with Eli Sulichin: Pampita’s romantic gesture and reaction


The romantic trip of Benjamín Vicuña and his girlfriend to Paris (Video: Instagram) eli sulichin walk towards the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, in Paris. She does it with her back to the camera. She turns, looks and smiles not only at the phone they are recording her with but at whoever is there behind … Read more

Eli Sulichin surprised with a romantic gesture that he dedicated to Benjamín Vicuña


Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichin in Punta del Este (RS photos) “I wasn’t looking for anyone and I saw you”sings Fito Péz in his popular song The love after Love. And so it happened to Benjamin Vicunawho ended up meeting his current partner, eli sulichinin a place where I would never have imagined it: in … Read more

Wanda Nara’s gesture with Mauro Icardi amid rumors of crisis and waiting for an official statement


Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi “They will communicate what they have to communicate soon”, said Natacha Eguía, a friend of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi and the only one that has been expressed so far in the midst of new rumors of a marital crisis between the couple. It all started last Saturday when the … Read more

Benjamin Amadeo’s daughter was born: her particular name and the surprising gesture of her ex, Lali Esposito


Benjamín and Martina have been a couple for five years and in the last hours they became parents Just over two months ago, Benjamin Amadeo announced in the most original way that he would become a father for the first time. He did it at the end of October, during a concert he was giving … Read more

A noble gesture exalted Los Nodeli, fans fill them with love


Belinda and Christian Nodal as Santa Claus, make children happy | Instagram Belinda would once again show his sensitive and charitable side by going with several children to whom he would bring a little joy this Christmas, like Santa Claus, the “naturalized mexican“She would arrive accompanied by her boyfriend, Christian Nodal. The singer, Belinda, who … Read more