Dalma Maradona’s blunt response when asked about Daniel Osvaldo and Gianinna’s courtship

The daughter of Ten faced the rumors about the link with her brother-in-law and explained her position from mid-March Gianinna Maradona and Daniel Osvaldo They were shown together again. Although the couple had announced their separation three months earlier, they finally they bet on courtship again, and these days they exchange romantic posts on Instagram. … Read more

Dalma Maradona shared the first photo of her belly: Gianinna’s emotional reaction

Dalma and Gianinna Maradona, eternal complicity (Instagram) Dalma Maradona she is expecting her second daughtern Andres Caldarelli. The actress announced her pregnancy this Monday, without too many detours in A perfect dayyour program Radius Meter. And he didn’t play the mystery with the sex or the name either. Happy with the novelty, she told her … Read more

Gianinna’s hard reflection on Nicki Nicole and Duki’s criticism of Diego Maradona


Gianinna Maradona expressed her anger at Nicki Nicole and Duki for criticizing her father “I was not born in the time of Diego Maradona and football does not interest me, but I know a lot about his past, so I am not his fan. My father and my grandfather are, but I It also seems … Read more