Barbie Girl style, Demi Rose unseats Kim Kardashian

Demi Rose unseats Kim Kardashian, Barbie Girl style | INSTAGRAM Precious!, the beautiful British model DemiRose She assures that her Barbie Girl style does not ask anything of that of the very socialite Kim Kardashian, who in recent days gave the enormous surprise of having her hair completely blonde, including a discoloration of her eyebrows. … Read more

Who is Carla Vigo, the queen’s niece who criticizes Letizia’s toned arms: “They don’t look good on a girl, I would look horrible”

Maybe Carla Vigoniece of Queen Letizia, has taken a step forward just now and unfortunately so out of sheer unconsciousness. Letizia Ortiz’s niece, 21, has wanted Give your opinion about her royal aunt and about her cousin and future queen Eleanor at the most inconvenient moment: when the visit of the King Juan Carlos first … Read more

Rod on a yacht with a girl who looks like Jennifer Lopez? Paparazzi captures her from behind in a bikini with dental floss

Alex Rodriguez. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images To Rod It seems that he has finally managed to turn the page. They say that his new girlfriend is called Kat Padgett, although it is not with her that he was caught a few days ago on top of a yacht. The sexy brunette, she appears to share … Read more

Zendaya, the story of the Disney girl who succeeded as an addicted teenager in ‘Euphoria’

Just as the strange Winona Ryder was the icon of generation X and the hyperconnected Emma Watson, the millennial girl, it is seen how Zendaya is the figure that outlines, advances and it is planted in the role of centennial queen. From disney girl, went on to be one of the most influential young stars. … Read more

Tom Brusse breaks up with his girlfriend live after fooling around with another girl on ‘Secret Story’


Tom Brusse has once again made a splash in a television contest after leaving his girlfriend through a video call. He did it last night on ‘Secret Story’, a program that Mediaset has tried to promote by bringing guests to the house and that this week was attended by Tom himself, Miriam Saavedra and Víctor … Read more

Anna Chlumsky, the girl from ‘My first kiss’ who fled from fame and today triumphs on Netflix


Anna Chlumsky is easy to recognize. Her face was left in the memory of an entire generation as she played Vada Sultenfuss, a restless and sweet girl in the hit movie My first kiss (My Girl1991), with Macaulay Culkin. The naive story about the transition to adolescence, whose plot took place in 1970, in Pennsylvania, … Read more

Catherine Zeta-Jones and the visible scar with which she remembers the day she was one step away from death, being just a girl


Catherine Zeta-Jones (Photo: Getty) Although in recent years he has distanced himself from acting, Catherine Zeta-Jones He is one of the great figures of international cinema. It is not necessary to see her starring in a film to know about her life: she is always in the news. One of her last appearances was at … Read more

What happened to the girl who made Silvia Pinal suffer in “María Isabel”


Lucy Buj and Silvia Pinal starred in “María Isabel”, the film that boosted the career of the actress, whose fate is unknown today (Photo: Facebook/Silvia Pinal) Silvia Pinal more than 50 years ago he starred Maria Isabelone of the most moving films thanks to the participation of the character of Rosa Iselaa girl who he … Read more

Thylane Blondeau (the most beautiful girl in the world aged 4) lives a nightmare at 20


12/26/2021 – 12:04 Updated: 12/26/2021 – 12:05 Thylane Blondeau She became famous in 2005, when she was just 4 years old. Her singular beauty left everyone who saw her parade on the catwalk of Jean Paul Gaultier. Since then she has been dubbed “the most beautiful girl in the world” and claimed by the most … Read more

Ximena Navarrete is already the mother of a girl, and reveals details of her birth


Ximena Navarrete is already the mother of a princess, and reveals details of her birth. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM As he dreamed and wished on many occasions, the beautiful Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Navarrete She is already the mother of a princess and reveals details of the baby, who from this December 8, will be the … Read more