Gerard Piqué, until he meets his new girlfriend?

There is no doubt that the end of the romance between Gerard Piqué and Shakira It is still the media topic of the moment. It is not only a love breakup, but a relationship of 12 years and two children together. However, the Barcelona footballer would have already forgotten the interpreter of “Congratulations” with a … Read more

Portrait of Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend comes to light: a woman just like Shakira was sought, they say

Gerard Piqué It seems that yes, that he does have a new love, but the Catalan did not want to go very far and he looked for a woman very similar to Shakira. The program “Sálvame” from Spain, like El Gordo y la Flaca Univision has already shown this portrait and some of the European … Read more

“I don’t want him to see me as his wife, I prefer that he see me as his girlfriend”: For Shakira it was not a simple whim not to marry Gerard Piqué and these were her reasons | People | Entertainment

A signed paper that tie the love of your lifeit was not the end I was looking for Shakira to be next to Gerard Piqué. The most acclaimed Latin artist on the international stage, she fell in love with the handsome and famous Spanish member of her country’s national team, a man that the Colombian … Read more

Who is the girlfriend of Henry Cavill, the actor who figured in the Shakira controversy

Henry Cavill’s alleged interest in Shakira went viral. But he already has a girlfriend (Photos: Getty Images / Getty Images / Instagram @nviscuso) It was recently revealed that Shakira and Gerard Piqué could be separated, due to alleged infidelity on his part. The news quickly went viral and Internet users did not take long to … Read more

How many languages ​​does Nadia Ferreira dominate, Marc Anthony’s girlfriend


Nadia Ferrera has not only proven to be the new girlfriend of singer Marc Anthony, but is also considered an international model and has managed to get along very well through different languages. The young Paraguayan who dreamed of becoming a miss Universe He is fluent in Spanish as well as other languages. Which are?. … Read more

Amber Heard had Tasya Van Ree as a girlfriend before Johnny Depp and also faced justice


Tasya Van Ree and Amber Heard. Photo: Charley Gallay. /Getty Images Now what the judgment Come in Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard so it’s over the final verdict gave the victory to the actor of “Pirates Of The Caribbean“, many want to know more personal details about this former couple of Hollywood. Like, for example, … Read more

Why do they say that Ernest of Hannover is bankrupt: it seems that he has asked his Spanish girlfriend, Claudia Stilianopoulos, and his ex-wife, Chantal Hochuli, for money

The German Prince Ernest of Hanover gives something to talk about even when he is leading a life as discreet as possible in Madrid with his son Christian, his daughter-in-law Sassa of Osma and his girlfriend, the daughter of Pitita Ridruejo, Claudia Stilianopoulos. Always under the magnifying glass of the most sensationalist media, the still … Read more

Juan Soler officially presented his girlfriend: the photos of their romantic meeting

At the beginning of 2021, Juan Soler revealed that he gave love a new chance. The Argentine actor kept for more than a year the anonymity of his new girlfriendbut finally decided to show the woman that makes him so happy. Two years after his divorce with Maki Moguilevsky, Juan Soler decided to fall in … Read more

Evelyn Beltrán: all the operations that Toni Costa’s girlfriend has had


The income of Tony Costa to the reality show “The house of the famous 2″ has not only increased the popularity of the dancer, but also that of his girlfriend, Evelyn Beltran. Contrary to what many thought, she showed her support for her partner’s participation in the program and has urged her followers to save … Read more

Toni Costa told his daughter Alaia that he has a girlfriend. How did Adamari López take it?


Mezcaliente Tony Costa Tony Costa little by little he has been giving information about aspects of his private life. The 38-year-old Spanish dancer had stood out for being discreet and avoiding referring to his ex, Adamari Lopez, 50 years old. However, she has been encouraged to recount episodes experienced as a result of her separation … Read more