Carmen Salinas “is not going to wake up from the coma,” says Jorge Nieto, godson of the actress | People | Entertainment

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According to Nieto, the stroke was in the brain stem, an area where the awakening function is found and which suffered irreversible damage. The family hopes for a miracle. November 13, 2021 – 03:03 PM The journalist Jorge Nieto, godson and friend of the actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image just shared new details about his … Read more

“He’s not going to wake up anymore”: Carmen Salinas’s godson says the stroke caused “irreversible damage”

Hes not going to wake up anymore Carmen Salinass godson

“The stroke has irreversible damage, it was indeed in the brain stem, unfortunately what is the function of the body’s organism of awakening is the most affected […] Whoever becomes aware that is the most damaged, he won’t wake up anymoreIt is what they are informing us, “he told journalist Azucena Uresti about the diagnoses … Read more