Jacky Bracamontes receives an uncomfortable comment from Jomari Goyso

The stylist makes a bad comment to the driver. Bracamontes annoyed by Goyso’s comments. The fans react in favor of Jacky. The television presenter, Jacky Bracamontes, is one of the most beloved and famous in Mexico. She recently attended a session with stylist Jomari Goyso to beautify her, but she ended up being criticized by … Read more

Francisca’s veil was torn and Jomari Goyso came to the rescue of the wedding with her tailoring skills

Jomari Goyso helped Francisca Lachapel with her wedding veil. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images It seems that the wedding of Francisca and Francesco Zampogna was a few minutes late and Jomari Goyso has revealed the reason. The fashion and beauty specialist showed through his Instagram account a video in which he appears sewing Francisca’s wedding veil, … Read more

The dress code that Jomari Goyso did not respect at Francisca Lachapel’s wedding


The last weekend, Dominican Republic dressed up to host the long-awaited religious marriage of Francesca Lachapel Y Francesco Zampognain what was one of the most anticipated events of Latin entertainment in the United States, so all the details were taken care of from start to finish. MORE INFORMATION: All the details of the religious wedding … Read more

Francisca Lachapel’s wedding is approaching and we ask her if Jomari Goyso will be the one to do her hair


Francisca Lachapel during the magenta carpet of the Lo Nuestro 2022 awards. Photo: Giorgio Viera / EFE Francesca Lachapel is organizing the big wedding, his big religious wedding with Francesco Zampogna, which will take place in the Dominican Republic. For this reason, we have spoken with the host of Despierta América, who revealed to us … Read more

These are the celebrities who do not turn their backs on Ángela Aguilar: Jhonny Caz, Jomari Goyso, Poncho De Nigris, Ana Bárbara and many more


Celebrities have not turned their backs on Ángela Aguilar. The artistic community has come together and listened to his words. To these they respond with love, with respect and encourage her to move forward to continue shining. Here we leave some of the most heartfelt messages that the young interpreter has received. Johnny Caz: “Come … Read more

Wake up America: Jomari Goyso forgets his friendship with Jacqueline Bracamontes and talks about the attacks on William Levy


Despierta América asked for the public’s opinion. In the opinion section Carlitos Calderon spoke about Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s recent statements in which she asks for respect for the father of her children, the actor William Levy. Jomari Goyso, who has been a regular part of Univision’s morning show for several weeks, also gave his opinion about … Read more

What caused Alejandra Espinoza to tell Jomari Goyso: “That’s your problem”


It all seems confusing, but here we clear it up. Jomari Goyso He met Alejandra Espinoza when she arrived at the magenta carpet of Premio Lo Nuestro. Seeing her, the Spaniard shouted at her, asking: “Alejandra, did you say I look ugly?” The actress responded by denying such an assertion. Alejandra clarified that she had … Read more

Francisca Lachapel to Jomari Goyso: “Your audience knows how hypocritical you are”


Francesca Lachapel Photo: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images Francesca Lachapel and Jomari Goyso They once again starred in a fun moment within the friendship relationship that both personalities share. On this occasion, the host and the fashion and beauty specialist had an exchange of opinions while they talked about the wardrobe that the Dominican will wear at … Read more

Ana Patricia, Carolina Sandoval, Alejandra Espinoza, Jomari Goyso and more celebrities who achieve success in their podcasts


A year ago, a company called Pitaya had a dream: that We Latinos in the United States would have our own space on a platform that is not so much ours, the podcasts.. That they talk to us about what we want, and who we want. The first step was to look for accomplices among … Read more

Jomari Goyso brands NBL contestants as hypocrites:[Video]


Getty Jomari Goyso brands NBL contestants as hypocrites Host Jomari Goyso spoke with Genesis Suero and Jaky Magaña on his Podcast Sin Rodeo with Jomari GoysoThis Tuesday, January 18. Both girls participated in the last season of Nuestra Belleza Latina. Genesis, is the beautiful Dominican who became the third finalist, and Jaky was the semifinalist … Read more