Wearing a coquettish gray jumpsuit, Noelia highlights her exquisiteness

Noelia highlights her exquisiteness wearing a coquettish gray jumpsuit | Courtesy Once again, the beauty modelsinger and businesswoman Noeliathe multifaceted beauty, caught the attention of fans with the gray jumpsuit that he wore in the video. The photos are published on his official Instagram account where he has more than two million followers to date, … Read more

65-year-old model beats Maribel Guardia in a swimsuit; she shows off her gray hair and wrinkles with dignity

The canons of beauty have changed in recent years, and it is largely due to the fact that there are people who have not been concerned about breaking stereotypes. An example is Yazemeenah Rossi, the 65-year-old model who even surpassed Maribel Guardia in a swimsuit, as she did so wearing her gray hair and wrinkles. … Read more

Jamie Dornan moves away from Christian Gray and stars in a jewel that deserves to be seen

There are performers who will forever be linked to a specific character. Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter, Tom Holland will always be Spider-Man, and Sigourney Weaver will always be Ellen Ripley, to name just a few. His works are so iconic and have penetrated so deeply into the collective consciousness that, Although they … Read more

Fernando Colunga reappears smiling, without wrinkles and without gray hair at 55


Fernando Colunga reappears smiling, without wrinkles and without gray hair at 55. | instagram special Fernando Colunga reappears smiling, without wrinkles and without gray hair at 55. The soap opera actor like “Dawn”, “Real love” and “Tomorrow is Forever” he looked most handsome next to one of his companions on the set of “history of … Read more

The return of ‘Sex and the City’ and its lesson in how to deal with gray hair and wrinkles


With the same joy and nostalgic tachycardia that the reunion with an old friend causes us, this is how we embrace the return of Sex in New York. Because yes, it is official, its protagonists have returned. All but one. Three of the stars of the late 90s smash hit (Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, without … Read more

Mauricio Islas appears covered in gray hair and “more handsome than ever”, according to his followers


In the case of Mauritius Islands, the 48-year-old Mexican actor has shown his Instagram followers that the passage of time did not rob him of his gallantry. On the contrary, ‘he ages like good wines’ and they let him know in the comments with phrases such as: “I take my hat off to you Mr. … Read more

Sarah Jessica Parker’s forceful response to criticism about her appearance and her gray hair


File Photo: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw for an Airbnb ad The return of “Sex and the City” to television with three of its four main characters (actress Kim Catrall decided not to be part of the new chapters) has caused people to talk about more than how the life of the protagonist Carrie … Read more

From Sarah Jessica Parker to Carolina de Monaco: the vindication of gray hair


With the passage of time, gray hair is inevitable, but over the last half century it seemed indisputable that women should dye them as soon as they appeared, either by taste or by social imposition. However, in recent years more and more they decide to wear a gray or white mane, neat and shiny, or … Read more