Frialdad y una brecha incurable: ni el Jubileo ni Lilibet lograron acercar a Guillermo y Enrique de Inglaterra

Las celebraciones del Jubileo de Platino para conmemorar los 70 años de Isabel II en el trono de Inglaterra han dejado estampas de grandes festejos, alegría y unión entre los miembros de la familia real británica. Sin embargo, pese a esa imagen algo idílica —que es precisamente la que la institución pretendía transmitir— en la … Read more

Meet Guillermo Pfening, the actor who accompanied Belinda after controversy with Christian Nodal

Belinda appearing at the final event of the presidential campaign of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 2018. Photo: Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images Since Belinda uploaded an Instagram story with Guillermo PfeningHave been generated many questions about who is this Argentine actor who accompanies the actress in the midst of the controversy generated by leaking a conversation … Read more

Guillermo Francella recounted his meeting with Fidel Castro: “He told me the best phrase I’ve heard for years”


Guillermo Francella and Fidel Castro had an intimate meeting in Havana, in 2003 This week William Francella visited Miguel Granados in the first program of the third season of Play room (ESPN3). There and before the questions of the son of Pablo Granados, the protagonist of Hail He told hilarious anecdotes that he lived throughout … Read more

Guillermo Bonetto, the singer of Los Cafres, spoke about his health problems that took him away from the stage


Guillermo Bonetto, leader of Los Cafres Since last year, The CAFRES, the popular reggae band, had to cancel its shows both in Argentina and abroad. Some of the recitals were rescheduled, but again they were suspended due to health problems of the group’s leader, William Bonette. Through social networks, the singer told for the first … Read more

After being drugged, beaten and assaulted, Guillermo Méndez was thrown into a ravine


The actor is recovering in the hospital from the beating he was subjected to (Photo: Facebook/Guillermo Mendez M.) This Monday it was announced that the actor Guillermo Méndez had been hospitalized after being beaten and assaulted in CuernavacaMorelos. And it is that the actor, who starred in the musical work in the 70s Joseph the … Read more

After 24 hours disappeared, actor Guillermo Méndez was found beaten and unconscious


The actor starred in the 80’s staging ‘José, el soñador’ Photo: Facebook/Guillermo Mendez M. After 24 hours of being reported missing by his brothers Pedro and Yvonne, actor Guillermo Méndez was found beaten and unconscious on some street in Cuernavaca Morelos, for which he is admitted to the hospital in a serious state of health, … Read more

Who is the Miss Universe who had an affair with Guillermo Andino in 1991 and what happened to her life


Guillermo Andino and Mona Grudt, Miss Universe 1990, had a brief romance He has been on television since he was 18 years old and, from that moment, he became one of the most recognized public figures in Argentine journalism. Thus, their love relationships obtained equivalent media coverage over time: Carolina Prat, Maria Carambula, Cecilia candy … Read more

Dulce María: the gift she keeps from her courtship with Guillermo Ochoa


This is the waistband that Dulce María wears (Photo: Instagram / @ dulcemaria) / Guillermo Ochoa returns to the call-up of the Mexican team (Photo: AP) Former RBD member Dulce María, he was honest about the romance he had with the athlete Guillermo Ochoa in 2005 during an interview he had with the entertainment journalist … Read more

Guillermo de Cambridge and Catalina: how they left the protocol to exchange knowing glances in Christmas special


Would you do it? The Christmas It is a date that fills the prince with enthusiasm William of Cambridge and it is that the grandson of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom sees on this date the perfect opportunity to meet with all the members of the British royal family whom he cannot always see … Read more

Elizabeth II’s petition to her grandson Guillermo for the good of the family


12/20/2021 – 16:39 Updated: 12/20/2021 – 16:59 Elizabeth II is worried, At least that is what sources close to the British royal family say, who say that the queen does not have a good time when her family has to travel. The situation becomes even more complicated when it is Prince William himself who gets … Read more