Hollywood Artists Signed Pledge to Represent Gun Violence Scenes Responsibly

A demonstrator protests against gun violence in Washington, DC, USA. June 11, 2022. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts Over 200 well-known Hollywood writers, directors and producers have signed an open letter pledging to represent gun violence responsibly on screenafter the recent mass shootings in cities such as Buffalo, New York or the Uvalde school, in the state of … Read more

Brad Pitt enters the world of Formula 1 with Lewis Hamilton and the director of “Top Gun: Maverick”

Brad Pitt will star in a film about a Formula 1 driver. Lewis Hamilton will be one of the producers Apple Original Films It was consecrated at the beginning of this year when it won the Oscar for best film for its production Coda: Signs of the heart. This is how the company has the … Read more

Eduin Caz seen gun: They criticize him after shooting in Texas


Eduin Caz appears on video with a firearm. Receives criticism from Internet users after tragedy in Texas. They accuse the vocalist of Grupo Firme of promoting violence. Eduin Caz seen weapon. This Tuesday one of the deadliest shootings in the United States was recorded, where 19 little ones lost their lives due to bullet wounds, … Read more

Top Gun: the tragedy that overshadowed the filming and the mystery that has been unsolved for 36 years


While Tom Cruise was received with honors at the Cannes Film Festival to present Top Gun: Maverickthe sequel to the successful 1986 film that launched him to stardom, several American media recalled on their pages and on their portals a tragic story that occurred during the filming of the original film: the mysterious death of … Read more

Val Kilmer returned to his iconic role in “Top Gun: Maverick” after recovering his voice thanks to artificial intelligence


Val Kilmer is present in “Top Gun: Maverick” Val Kilmer He had to undergo a tracheotomy in 2015 after being diagnosed with throat cancer in an advanced stage. When he found out that the sequel to the film that made him famous in the 1980s was in pre-production, the actor did not hesitate and “begged” … Read more

Megan Fox revealed that she made a hole in her clothes to have sex with Machine Gun Kelly


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are engaged “Was this blue suit expensive because we just cut a hole in the crotch so we could have sex?“, wrote Megan fox to her stylist in a text message. The American actress, known for the movie “Transformers”, does not want anything to get in her way when … Read more

Yuri’s gun, her suicide attempt and the bullying she suffers for being a Christian: this was her interview in Something Personal with Jorge Ramos

Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco, better known as Yuri, was crowned the “Mexican Madonna” and for a long time captivated thousands of fans with her voice. Thanks to her talent, she enjoyed great stardom: from being the first Mexican to perform in Viña del Mar and being the queen of the festival, to becoming the first singer … Read more

Tom Cruise arrived at the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” piloting a helicopter


Tom Cruise arrived at the premiere of “Top Gun” piloting a helicopter (Getty Images) Tom Cruise He surprised his fans when he arrived at the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” in San Diego, California, piloting a helicopter that landed on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Midway, which belonged to the United States Navy. … Read more

Andrés García: the time he pulled out a gun and Maribel Guardia prevented him from doing something crazy


the time that Maribel Guardia prevented Andrés García from committing a crime, apparently it is not a myth. The 80-year-old actor commented in a recent interview that working together with actress Maribel Guardia, beyond being friends and having a good relationship, has not always been easy. Andres Garcia He cataloged his former co-star in the … Read more

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly plan to have a GOTHIC WEDDING; with a “red river” and black dress


Megan fox and Machine Gun Kelly they surprised everyone when in January 2022 they announced their engagement after a year and a half of dating. And everything seems to indicate that they are very serious about their future marriage, since recently a source close to the couple revealed that the plans of a gothic wedding … Read more