Hernán Orjuela defends himself against Beto Coral’s attacks in Miami, what happened?

Hernán Orjuela, a well-remembered Colombian presenter who is currently based in Miami, United States, informed the country that it had already voted in the second round elections to elect the next president of Colombia, which began on June 13 in the outside. However, his right to vote was questioned by influencer Beto Coral, who is … Read more

What happened to Antonio De la Rúa, Shakira’s ex before Gerard Piqué?

In recent days, the separation of Shakira with his partner of almost 12 years, Gerard Piqué, has been one of the most commented topics by the media and users of various social networks. Thus, the breakup of one of the most stable relationships in international entertainment has impacted hundreds of people around the world. In … Read more

“Bitter land”: everything that happened in the new chapter


Everything has happened in “Tierra amarga”. The episode of Thursday June 2 reached Antena 3 with new revelations. In the previous episodes, Demir continues with his idea of ​​taking revenge for the death of his mother Hünkar Yaman. Given this, Züleyha asks her private detective to be the one to find the murderer, before her … Read more

Becky G expresses sadness and concern for what happened in Texas

Becky G expresses sadness and concern for what happened in Texas | instagram On Wednesday, May 25, a terrible event occurred in the state of Texas, because Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old young man, would commit a horrible act because, blinded by anger, he would attack an elementary school, he entered that institution so as not … Read more

Bárbara Torres, “Excelsa” in “La Familia P. Luche”, revealed what happened on the red carpet of Eugenio Derbez’s film


Bárbara Torres denies the red carpet ban on Eugenio Derbez’s film, exclusively for Infobae México After a series of rumors triggered by a video where supposedly the security team of the film The Valetstarring Eugenio Derbez, denied entry to the red carpet, now the dear Barbara Torres He broke the silence, clarifying that things did … Read more

What happened to Milla Jovovich: the actress “split in two” in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Very few people can boast of having been recognized in two worlds such as acting and modeling, but Jovovich mile yes you can. He was born and raised in the Ukraine – then in the Soviet Union – but it was later that he got US citizenship, which opened many doors for him. Before hitting … Read more

Silvia Pinal’s doctor revealed what happened to her state of health

The name of Silvia Pinal It never stops being on everyone’s lips. Since the actress reappeared on social networks starring in new images, she began a controversy both on the internet and on the small screen. According to several users and fans of the figure, the interpreter appears with a downcast face in the latest … Read more

What has happened so far in the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?


The challenge of social networks in the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard 4:59 (CNN Spanish) — The crossed accusations of violence between Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard were at the center of the defamation trial that restarts this monday, in which a long list of witnesses summoned by the actors paraded. Here’s a … Read more

Grief, fear, nostalgia: the trauma of losing a twin, as happened to Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez


A pain they describe as “the greatest any parent can feel”and with which millions of people in the world who have faced similar losses of a child who died before, at or shortly after birth. Although multiple pregnancies, such as Georgina Rodríguez’s, are known to carry a higher risk of complications, the couple did not … Read more