Rusherking made a video to question those who “hate” for their relationship with China Suárez

Rusherkig, against those who criticize his romance with China Suárez “Who do people think they are to say who can be with whom, be happy and stop breaking the eggs. So good to see all my friends happy!” he wrote a few days ago Thomas Tobarpopularly known as rushingtired of the haters and of those … Read more

Luisito Comunica responded to Lele Pons’ remarks: “I don’t throw hate, I’m not like that”

Luisito and Lele’s controversy is not over yet (Photos: Cuartoscuro/gettyimages) The controversy between influencers Luisito Comunica and Lele Pons does not end, because recently the youtuber Mexican responded to the Venezuelan assuring her that “she does not throw hate” for to him “it is not so”. And it is that it all started when in … Read more

Reese Witherspoon’s daughter faces hate comments after claiming that “gender doesn’t matter” when falling in love


ava philippe was born and raised under the shadow of two famous parents who found love between shoots. The daughter by actress Reese Witherspoon, fruit of her relationship with Ryan Phillippe, is well aware of the risks of being exposed to the media eye and public opinion, which is why it has always ensured to … Read more

“I hate her”: Yordi Rosado told why Christina Aguilera earned her scorn in ‘Otro Rollo’


In this promotional tour, the singer gave an interview in ‘Otro Rollo’ but unfortunately it was not a very pleasant experience for the members of this program, according to her Yordi Pink, who in addition to having his section ‘El Reportaje de Yordi Rosado’, was a producer of the show. The television host was sincere … Read more

Is Kate Middleton behind the hate campaign against Meghan? What the networks say


11/03/2021 – 19:40 Updated: 11/03/2021 – 19:40 We were talking to you a few days ago about how a report had revealed that Meghan Markle had been the victim of a hate campaign on social networks. Apparently, according to the analysis service of Bot Sentinel, the company in charge of the study, two-thirds of more … Read more