Salma Hayek is-pec-ta-cu-lar in a mini swimsuit dancing on the table

Salma Hayek is-pec-ta-cu-lar in a mini swimsuit dancing on the table | Special: Instagram The acclaimed Mexican actress, Salma Hayekpublished a series of images through his social networks in which he appears dancing on the table dressed in a mini swimsuit and accelerated the pulse of his admirers with his spectacular figure. Salma Hayek enjoyed … Read more

Salma Hayek surprised Marc Anthony in concert with her dance steps to the rhythm of salsa

Salma Hayek surprised those attending Marc Anthony’s concert in London with her dance steps to the rhythm of salsa REUTERS/Henry Nicholls like a good latin Salma Hayek showed his best dance steps during the presentation in London of one of the greatest exponents of international salsa such as Mark Anthony who shared that the Mexican … Read more

Salma Hayek surprised in networks posing in a swimsuit from a yacht

Salma Hayek’s photo in a swimsuit quickly became a trend on networks (Photo: Instagram/@salmahayek) Salma Hayek surprised his Instagram followers again by posing only in Swimwear together with her husband, Francois-Henri Pinaultafter having enjoyed a private concert by Marc Anthony. Salma Hayek, popular on social networks for showing off, from time to time, her beauty … Read more

In addition to working together, Barbara de Regil will pass on her exercise routine to Salma Hayek

Barbara de Regil: Salma Hayek asked her for exercise routines | AFP We recently received the shocking news that Salma Hayek will be producing a new movie for vix counting on some actors from Televisa, among them Barbara of Regilbeing herself who told us that apart from meeting her, she also asked her to pass … Read more

Lyn May confessed that she likes Salma Hayek


Lyn May talked about her preferences, so she declared that Salma Hayek is her ideal type of woman (Photos: Cuartoscuro/Gettyimages) With his characteristic honesty, Lyn May confessed that he has never had a girlfriend, but he would like to experiment, because he has liked many women throughout his life, including Salma Hayek. During a meeting … Read more

Andrea Legarreta returned to the world of acting at the hands of Salma Hayek


Andrea Legarreta will work alongside Salma Hayek Instagram: @salmahayek and @andrealegarreta Andrea Legarreta She is one of the most famous hosts on Mexican television, her great talent on the small screen has led her to be part of great films in the cinematographic world, such was the case in her participation in the dubbing of … Read more

Salma Hayek and her secret diet to show off an enviable body

Salma Hayek and her secret diet to show off an enviable body Recently the famous actress Salma Hayek has announced his secret diet to show off an enviable body at 55 years of age, because without a doubt she has one of the most incredible figures and without surgeries. That’s right, it seems that Salma … Read more

Separated at birth? The Indian actress who could be the ‘twin’ Salma Hayek (PHOTOS)


Several years, Salma Hayek It has become a benchmark on the big screen and a fashion icon in all parts of the world. And it is that at 55 years of age, the star is in one of his best professional stages, because in 2021 he was able to close his participation in “Eternals” and … Read more