Salma Hayek’s daughter surprised by speaking in Spanish to show what she carries in her bag

Salma Hayek and her daughter spoke in Spanish to show what they carry in their bags. The daughter of Salma Hayek, Valentina Pinaultcaptivated in social networks by speaking in Spanish next to his mom. After starring on the cover of fashion For the May publication, Valentina Paloma and Salma Hayek showed what they have in … Read more

Valentina Paloma: the style of Salma Hayek’s daughter in photographs

Written in CELEBRITIES the 2/23/2022 00:50 a.m. Salma Hayek without a doubt it is one of the most successful Latinas in Hollywood, so it was a matter of time for his daughter, valentina pigeonwas present in the spotlight and caused emotion to know more about his lifestyle, fashion sense and beauty tips. valentina pigeonthe daughter … Read more

5 keys to Salma Hayek’s entire swimsuits

Nobody wears the swimsuits better than Salma Hayek. And every photograph that the Mexican movie star shares on her Instagram account wearing a new bodysuit from her collection is a lesson in good taste and personality. In his most recent portrait in Swimwear Salma Hayek Dazzle with a low-cut model and a high-impact animal print, … Read more

Make way for Mathilde Pinault! Salma Hayek’s beautiful stepdaughter dazzles on the red carpet

The last few days have been of premieres and red carpets for Salma Hayek and his family. After shine with your daughter, Valentina paloma, in Los Angeles and in London, during the presentation of the film Eternals In those cities, now, the Mexican woman does it again, but at the hand of her husband, François-Henri … Read more

The appearance of Salma Hayek’s daughter on the red carpet of the premiere of ‘Eternals’ impacts, they look identical

Salma Hayek and her daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault. Photo: VALERIE MACON / Getty Images The followers of Salma Hayek are used to seeing in some or other of their Instagram posts to the 14-year-old daughter he has with the French businessman Francois-Henri PinaultBut the teenager rarely makes public appearances related to her parents’ work in … Read more