El Noba’s mother spoke for the first time since her death: “I told my son: ‘You took my heart and my soul with you'”

Vanesa, moved after the death of her son (Video: “Cortá por Lozano, Telefe) Last Friday the tragic death of The Noba He shocked not only his fans but also his most intimate environment, who are the ones who miss him the most every day. In this sense, and after a few days of silence, Vanessathe … Read more

Christian Nodal confessed to being tired of criticism after his breakup with Belinda: “I have regretted it from the heart”

Christian Nodal opened his heart in front of his followers Christian Nodal, after finding himself in the eye of the hurricane due to the most recent controversy in which he was involved after announcing various conversations he had with Belinda when they were still dating, he opened his heart and accepted all the mistakes he … Read more

Adamari López: These are the 2 Mexicans who conquered the heart of the driver

Today, Adamari López has become one of the most sought-after single women on TV, because at 51 years of age, life has given him the opportunity to look better than ever. And it is that at present, the presenter is at the peak of her professional career and her personal lifedespite the fact that they … Read more

After 9 heart attacks and at the age of 71, César Bono has to continue working to support his family


César Bono confessed that he wants to return to work because he is the breadwinner of his family (Photo: Instagram @assislsantos) After Caesar Bono had to undergo emergency surgery in March because had the perforated duodenumconfessed that is ready to go back to workbut not only for passion for acting, but for financial need. Two … Read more

Maluma surprises by announcing that he has a girlfriend: what we know about the owner of his heart

The show was awarded in his native Medellín on the occasion of the 10 years of his career. Before interpreting the song ‘ADMV’, the reggaeton player expressed: “I want to take advantage of this moment to greet all my friends who are there, my family, my parents, my girlfriend who is there: ‘I love you…’”. … Read more

Yailin La Más Viral: this is how she conquered the heart of Anuel AA


Written in CELEBRITIES the 4/6/2022 05:00 a.m. Anuel AA and Karol G They had a relationship that seemed unbreakable, they dedicated posts on social networks and even shared musical successes. But that seemingly solid relationship came to an end in 2021 and it didn’t take long for the Puerto Rican artist to find someone else … Read more

Philippe Junot’s women of the heart: from Carolina to Isabelle


Philippe Junot He has never been a stranger to the press, but in recent years his presence in the media had been greatly reduced. The French became popular as a result of numerous conquests in his youth, but, especially, from the romance that he had with Caroline of Monaco -Europe’s sweetheart- in the 1970s. A … Read more

Juan Pablo Medina reveals the details of the amputation of his leg after suffering a silent heart attack


Juan Pablo Medina was in the middle of a shoot when he felt a stomach ache. After something so simple, months of convalescence in the hospital followed, several operations and the amputation of his right leg. He is still in recovery. The Mexican actor had suffered a silent heart attack, a dangerous blow and very … Read more

All the couples that Julia Roberts had and who managed to conquer her heart


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Sara Maldonado remembers the painful reason why she had to abort: “The baby has no heart”


Some days ago Sarah Maldonado revealed that is not closed to the possibility of becoming a mother through adoptionthis after having gone through painful moments at the end of 2020 when he faced the loss of a baby and shortly after discovered his partner’s infidelity. Although the actress had kept this painful episode of her … Read more