Héctor Parra is serving a year in prison for alleged sexual abuse of his daughter

Hector Parra He has been detained in the Oriente Reclusorio, in Mexico City, since June 15, 2021 after being pointed out by his daughter Alexa of allegedly having abused her when she was little. Since then his lawyers have been involved in a process of investigation and waiting for a judge to rule on whether … Read more

Héctor Parra’s daughter ranted against Yosstop for his opinion on Johnny Depp: “What a shame you write this”

Daniela Parra and Yosstop (Photo: File/IG justyoss) Josephine Hofmann, better known as YosStop She has been mired in controversy after announcing her pregnancy and getting married. This is because, after the verdict of the jury in the case of Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard the influencer did not hesitate to give a controversial opinion about … Read more

Judge determines that Héctor Soberón must give surname and pension to alleged unrecognized son

After six years of legal battle, this Monday, April 18, a judge in Mexico City determined that the actor Héctor Soberón, former partner of Michelle Vieth, You must give your last name to the son of Brigitt Karen Rivera. In 2016, Rivera filed a lawsuit against Soberón with the aim of legally recognizing his son, … Read more

Héctor Sandarti presents the biological father of his daughter


Mezcaliente Sandarti and his facet as a father The entertainer Hector Sandarti introduced the biological father to his daughter. The Guatemalan presenter has always been characterized as a charismatic and professional man, but this time he posted a photograph with his family. The animator of the next season of “The House of the Famous” He … Read more

Héctor Sandarti talks about his suicide attempt


Getty Héctor Sandarti and the strongest stage of his life The host of La Casa de Los Famosos, Héctor Sandarti, was honest and commented that he had a complicated childhood and adolescence marked by shyness. In turn, The possibility of taking his own life flashed through his mind. Sandarti in a Youtube interview with Yordi … Read more

Héctor Sandarti thought about taking his own life: “I wanted to be everyone except me”


Héctor Sandarti confessed that at some point he thought of taking his own life Hector Sandarti who is known for being one of the most popular television faces in Mexico, shared on February 20 with Yordi Rosado on his talk show Youtube some complex passages of his life such as the occasion in which thought … Read more

Sergio Mayer sends a message to Héctor Parra’s defense and reiterates that there is evidence against the actor


Sergio Mayer will be sued for influencing the case of actor Héctor Parra. Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent Six months from the complaint filed by Héctor Parra against Sergio Mayer for allegedly having committed the crime of influence peddling, the former Garibaldi assured that so far he has not been required by the authorities, so he … Read more

The story of Pepita Gomís and Héctor Suárez: love, forgiveness and redemption


Josefina Gomís and Héctor Suárez were married for 36 years and had two children together: Héctor Suárez Gomís and Julieta Suárez Gomís. (Credit: Suárez Gomís Family) Sunday morning Hector Suárez Gomís announced through his account Twitter that his mother the actress and presenter Josefina Gomís, better known as “Pepita”, died at 83 years of age. … Read more

Josefina “Pepita” Gomís, mother of Héctor Suárez Gomís and ex-wife of Héctor Suárez, passed away


PHOTO: Image Group This morning, the actor Héctor Suárez Gomís, reported on the death of his mother, the 1960s television host, Josefina Gomís, who received the nickname “Pepita” by his family. In recent months, the interpreter requested blood donors to attend to his mother, who I was hospitalized although he did not specify his condition. … Read more

From Angélica María to Héctor Bonilla: these are all the celebrities who appeared in El Chavo del 8


Various personalities already consolidated in Mexico managed to appear in EL Chavo del 8 (Photo: Screenshot) The success it had El Chavo del 8 it’s undeniable. With nearly 300 episodes to his credit, lfame came to the neighborhood thanks to the mastermind of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Chespirito, who after being a scriptwriter for various series … Read more