“I don’t get an invitation”: Akın Akınözü from “Hercai” on Ebru Şahin’s wedding with Cedi Osman

And the invitation? After Ebru Sahin will star in the telenovelaHercai” beside Akın Akınözü and turned them into the most popular fictional couple of recent times, the Ottoman artist has been finalizing details of what will be her wedding with Cedi Osman. However, the young actor has confessed that to date he has not received … Read more

Get to know the schedule of “Fugitiva”, “Züleyha”, “Hercai”, “Soñar Conti” and other Turkish telenovelas on Telefe

Currently, Telefe’s programming has a wide variety of turkish soap operas, which are acclaimed by their viewers thanks to their stories, their characters and the great interpretive work of their famous actors. In this way, “Fugitiva”, “Züleyha”, “Hercai” and “Soñar Conti” are just some of the productions that have become the favorites of their audience. … Read more

Know what were the 5 best moments of Miran and Reyyan in the telenovela “Hercai” | Akın Akınözü and Ebru Şahin | Turkish soap operas | nnda nnlt | SHOWS


The actors Akın Akınözü and Ebru Şahin will be remembered for a long time as the protagonists of the soap opera “Hercai”, whose love story -in fiction- began between hatred and revenge and then became a pure and sincere feeling. The Ottoman production was a complete success in several countries and highly acclaimed by fans … Read more

This is how the actresses Ayda Aksel and Ayşegül Günay, famous for their roles as Azize and Fusun in “Hercai”, are in real life


Turkish soap operaHercai: love and revenge” has become the favorite of many people not only because of the story of Reyyan and Miran, but also because of some characters who, despite their antagonistic role, have caught the attention of the public. An example of this are Azize and fusun that in fiction they stand out … Read more

Ebru Şahin: the reflections of the actress of “Hercai” on beauty


Ebru Sahin is one of the most beautiful and charismatic Turkish actresses in Turkey and in the world, where she has captivated with her character of Reyyan in “Hercai”. Each role has been earned with effort and thanks to his talent…Not just because of her pretty face. What does she think about beauty in the … Read more