Actor of ‘Pedro el escamoso’ and ‘El cartel de los sapos’ was dispatched against Rodolfo Hernández: “Corrupt mummy”

Colombia is going through a very crucial moment for its future, since there are only a few days left before the presidential election. Reason why this is one of the main topics of conversation between citizens and the media. Inclusive, There are several celebrities who have spoken about it and have made their position clear. … Read more

The athletes, artists and celebrities who play their cards for Rodolfo Hernández and Gustavo Petro

Those who support Rodolfo Hernández “We are not from the right or from the left, we want a peaceful country where day by day we can build a better future. My vote will be #Rodolfopresidente”. Nairo Quintana- Cyclist Nairo Quintana- Photo: Getty Images “If Rodolfo Hernández passes in the second round, I will put on … Read more

Loving you hurts: Armando Hernández revealed how much he was paid to act in the famous movie


Armando Hernández gave life to “Genaro” in the 2002 film (Photo: Instagram @armandohernandezoficial) Armando Hernández rose to fame massively with the release of the film Loving You hurts, released in 2002 and starring Luis Fernando Peña and Martha Higareda. This film has managed to persist in the collective memory of the public, being considered as … Read more

Alexia Hernández reappears in networks after the birth of Mía

After her debut as a mom, alexia hernandez He reappeared on social networks next to his little daughter Mia. One week after we told you in baby birth scoop, her mother surprised her followers with a snapshot in which we see her ready for her first outing in the company of her baby, whom she … Read more

Fanny Lu visits the puppies of Mauricio Leal and Marleny Hernández, “they could not be in better hands”


The Colombian singer, Fanny Lu, visited Mauricio Leal’s pets. Photo: @fannylu The death of Mauricio Leal continues to be a topic of discussion among citizens and more and more details are being revealed of what happened on the night of November 21, 2021 and the early hours of the 22nd, where the renowned stylist and … Read more

Gustavo Adolfo Infante assured that Ninel Conde has already sued Anabel Hernández


The entertainment journalist’s statements were given in the last broadcast of the “First Hand” program (Photos: Instagram/EFE/Instagram) It was in 2021 when the journalist Anabel Hernandez published the book Emma and the other narco ladieswhich revealed that allegedly various entertainment figures in Mexico They would have had links with leaders of organized crime. Its pages … Read more

As it has not happened for a long time, Chicharito Hernández is seen in the company of his children

Even though Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez he is usually very discreet with his private life and especially with his role as father, sometimes he usually gives his fans some glimpses of what happens in this tender stage of his life. Just as it happened recently, when the footballer was seen as he was, he hadn’t done … Read more

Andrés García says that the journalist Anabel Hernández “wants to advertise herself to sell her book”


After the journalist Anabel Hernandez will reveal that filed a complaint against Andrés García for threatsthe actor raises his voice to ensure that he is not worried about said criminal action against him, and everything will have to be verified. During an interview for the program ‘First Hand’, the 80-year-old actor said he was sure … Read more

Andrés García will not sue Anabel Hernández: “They wanted to hurt her”


Andrés García assured that the legal process against Anabel Hernández will no longer continue (Photos: Capture of Instagram@andresgarciatvoficial // Cuartoscuro) After threatening to sue Anabel Hernandez for his book Emma and the other narco ladies, Andres Garcia announced that will no longer proceed legally against the journalist, as he confirmed that in the investigation he … Read more

Sergio Mayer recognized the work of Anabel Hernández but doubted his sources: “He deserves all my respect”


Sergio attended an interview with “Capi Pérez (Photo: Instagram / @ sergiomayerb) Sergio mayer recognized the work of Anabel Hernandez as an investigative reporter, but He doubted the sources that have given him interviews and testimonies, including those that link the actor and his wife to drug traffickers of the Beltran Leyva. The current morenista … Read more