Andrés García will not sue Anabel Hernández: “They wanted to hurt her”

Andres Garcia will not sue Anabel Hernandez They wanted to

Andrés García assured that the legal process against Anabel Hernández will no longer continue (Photos: Capture of Instagram@andresgarciatvoficial // Cuartoscuro) After threatening to sue Anabel Hernandez for his book Emma and the other narco ladies, Andres Garcia announced that will no longer proceed legally against the journalist, as he confirmed that in the investigation he … Read more

Sergio Mayer recognized the work of Anabel Hernández but doubted his sources: “He deserves all my respect”

Sergio Mayer recognized the work of Anabel Hernandez but doubted

Sergio attended an interview with “Capi Pérez (Photo: Instagram / @ sergiomayerb) Sergio mayer recognized the work of Anabel Hernandez as an investigative reporter, but He doubted the sources that have given him interviews and testimonies, including those that link the actor and his wife to drug traffickers of the Beltran Leyva. The current morenista … Read more

The famous named ‘narco ladies’ by Anabel Hernández

The entertainment world in Mexico is in controversy, Well, several of the Famous people who adorn it were related to drug trafficking, specifically with the Beltrán-Leyva cartel, in the book ‘Emma and the other narco ladies’ by journalist Anabel Hernández. Faced with the accusations, some artists They have come out to show their faces, they … Read more

Alexia Hernández, Alex Fernández’s wife, showed off her “baby bump” for the first time

Alexia Hernandez Alex Fernandezs wife showed off her baby bump

(Photo: Instagram / @ alexfernandez.g) Alejandro Fernandez Jr. and Alexia Hernandez They touched social networks by showing, for the first time, the progress of their pregnancy. New parents also took the opportunity to send a tender message of love to their daughter Mine. It was last September when Alex Fernández and his wife surprised the … Read more

Just Married! The surprise wedding of María Adánez with her partner Ignacio Hernández Medrano

Maria Adánez he has Surprised to everyone this Saturday afternoon by announcing with emotion that she has married her partner Ignacio Hernández Medrano. ‘Just Married’ (‘Just married’), the actress has written in English next to the emoticon of a ring to communicate the great news. In the image you have shared, we see the interpreter … Read more

“Chicharito” Hernández was honest about his separation with Sarah Kohan

Chicharito Hernandez was honest about his separation with Sarah Kohan

Javier Hernández and Sarah Kohan Mexico will be parents again (Photo: Instagram / @sarahkohan) For months, there was speculation about the relationship between Javier Chicharito Hernandez and Sarah Kohan, whom he married in 2019 and had two children: Nala and Noah. Given the uncertainty and the various rumors about their separation, the same footballer be … Read more