24 hours before asking for a divorce from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard spent the night with James Franco: the video that confirms it

The video shows James Franco with Amber Heard the night before she filed for divorce from Johnny Depp After more than a week off, actor Johnny Depp’s libel trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard resumed on Monday. During cross-examination, the actress acknowledged that On May 22, 2016, the night before she filed for divorce from … Read more

Salma Hayek: the sex scene that took her eight hours, a paper owl and a very sweet first kiss

She fought against Hollywood prejudice for being Latina and sexy, but Salma Hayek never gave up. At 55 years old, she enjoys the profession and the family she formed with the French tycoon François-Henri Pinault (Photos: Gettyimages) After a stressful day at work, sometimes you need a while to “think about nothing” and for that, … Read more

After 24 hours disappeared, actor Guillermo Méndez was found beaten and unconscious

The actor starred in the 80’s staging ‘José, el soñador’ Photo: Facebook/Guillermo Mendez M. After 24 hours of being reported missing by his brothers Pedro and Yvonne, actor Guillermo Méndez was found beaten and unconscious on some street in Cuernavaca Morelos, for which he is admitted to the hospital in a serious state of health, … Read more

A RESPIRATORY ARREST TAKES YOUR LIFE! A few hours from announcing progress in health of Carmen Salinas, her family is in mourning for an unexpected death

A few hours after the family of Carmen Salinas said their health, they dress in mourning The last year has been painful for the actress’s relatives, since there have been five deaths of members Carmen Salinas is torn between life and death After four deaths that clothed them in mourning, the family of Carmen Salinas … Read more

From the beach to the snow: the radical change of Ana Boyer and her family ‘in less than 24 hours!’

To be in a swimsuit sunbathing in the sea or pool with a temperature not lower than 20 degrees, at put on warm clothes to protect your body well from the cold in full mountain. A radical change that, in addition, is even more noticeable if it is made in a short space of time. … Read more

This was the last hours of life of Octavio Ocaña, the actor from Neighbors

The 22-year-old died last Friday, October 29 in the State of Mexico, north of the Mexican capital. The news has shocked to the world of entertainment. Many celebrities turned to social networks on Saturday 30 to show their surprise and express their condolences. How were the last hours of Octavio Ocaña’s life? Until now, few … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s manicure that would take you 8 hours to recreate

Jennifer Lopez is the queen of the manicure, in addition to the queen of so many other items. Fashion is one of her passions and it shows. She is on trend and loves to look glamorous, well-groomed, and super stylish. His hands, of course, are not exempt. The styling of her nails is perfect. She … Read more