Johnny Depp: 5 iconic transformations in the cinema

Written in CELEBRITIES the 6/8/2022 8:00 p.m. Johnny Depp turns 59 this June 9still with the fresh celebration for the verdict in his favor in the lawsuit he filed against his ex, Amber Heardfor defamation. The actor is identified as one of those who participate in the makeup and costume design of his film characters. … Read more

Val Kilmer returned to his iconic role in “Top Gun: Maverick” after recovering his voice thanks to artificial intelligence

Val Kilmer is present in “Top Gun: Maverick” Val Kilmer He had to undergo a tracheotomy in 2015 after being diagnosed with throat cancer in an advanced stage. When he found out that the sequel to the film that made him famous in the 1980s was in pre-production, the actor did not hesitate and “begged” … Read more

The relationship of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss that many describe as “explosive” and “iconic”

They were one of the most photographed relationships during those years by the paparazzi; and, even though he was 10 years older than herthe model already had a great career behind her and was considered a ‘heroine chic’. This means that she was leading a new generation, she changed the modeling paradigms, the eyes were … Read more

From “Winning” to “Swallowing, as always”: this is how Belinda changed her iconic phrase

This was the fun moment (Photo: Twitter/@belindapop) The appearances of Belinda after her breakup with Christian NodalThey are few and few. For this reason a new Tweet on your official account Twitter (where she has more than 6 million followers) has quickly become something viral due to her new interaction with the public and her … Read more

The 5 funniest moments of Victoria Ruffo in social networks: her dances are iconic


And it is that they not only stand out in the entertainment industry for their roles in the Mexican soap operasit is also his good humor and joy that conquers the Internet. We leave you their best moments on social networks, from their dances to their jokes. Victoria Ruffo debuted on TikTok At the end … Read more

The photos of Lourdes León that show that she is already an iconic figure … beyond her mother


Let’s start from the fact that stopping traffic on the welcome red carpet of an event of such a level as the Met Gala is not an easy thing and that Lourdes ‘Lola’ León, Madonna’s first-born and Cuban-born actor Carlos Leon achieved it in his first appearance at the event, which was held in September, … Read more

BTS’s Taehyung: Relive the K-pop idol’s most iconic moments leading up to his birthday


ARMY HAS EVERYTHING READY. There are only a few hours until the birthday of Taehyung by BTS. December 30 is the K-pop idol’s birthday; However, in Latin America, including Peru, the projects for their birthday begin on December 29 due to the time difference with South Korea. ALSO READ: BTS’s Taehyung: What does your stage … Read more

Bárbara de Regil characterized herself as an iconic character for the Christmas holidays: “My version of Grinch arrived”


Photo: Instagram @barbaraderegil Barbara de Regil caused a sensation on social networks after publishing a series of photographs where she wore a spectacular makeup inspired by “The Grinch”, Iconic character who hates Christmas. During yesterday afternoon, the protagonist of Rosario Scissors He shared with his Instagram followers the final result of an elaborate makeup that … Read more

From Marilyn Monroe to Britney Spears: 10 Iconic “Playboy” Covers


From Marilyn Monroe in Playboy’s First Playboy to Naked Britney Spears: 10 Iconic Magazine Covers (Photos: Playboy Magazine / Web Archive) The first issue of the magazine Playboy It was assembled in the kitchen of an apartment in the city of Chicago, United States. Hugh Hefner, who later became the mogul of the brand, had … Read more

Consuelo Duval recalled the iconic look of “Federica P. Luche” for the new hairstyle of Samuel García and Mariana Rodríguez


Photos: Instagram / @consueloduval / @ marianardzcantu Consuelo Duval joined the wave of memes that Internet users created by the striking photographs of Mariana Rodríguez Cantú and Samuel Garcia. The actress evoked one of the looks that came to wear “Federica P. Luche”And compared it to the new haircut worn by the governor of the … Read more