Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock wear the ideal wide leg pants for women over 50

Julia Roberts reappeared radiant, as always, with a few pants widths impossible to stop seeing and imitating. At 54 years old, she is still the most beautiful and natural woman. Another celebrity of the 90s adored by the public and who returned to the scene is Sandra Bullock. She did it to tell that at … Read more

Altaír Jarabo’s printed shorts, ideal for highlighting the silhouette

the mexican actress Altair Jarabo loves fashion, and never misses the opportunity to wear a stylish shorts. A fashionista by nature, she continues to share from France, where she is based due to her marriage to the French businessman Fréderic García, different postcards of her looks there. Through social networks, the beautiful redhead who played … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s miniskirt ideal to shine at any party


Jennifer Lopez has the ideal mood to start the year. The Bronx-born pop star is in her prime and shines both personally and on the job. Of course, this is noticeable on her exterior and she looks radiant, more stylish and beautiful than ever. Therefore, when recreating a look, having it as a reference is … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s jean shorts ideal to wear with a white blouse


Jennifer Lopez creates trends. Just wearing a garment in a video clip, on social media or walking relaxed through the streets of Miami inspires millions of people. His unique style, between glamorous and avant-garde, mesmerizes and impacts the market like no other. The inside of the pockets of the Jennifer Lopez jean shorts are longer … Read more

Marjorie de Sousa falls in love as the ideal gift with a vibrant red dress


Marjorie de Sousa falls in love as the ideal gift with a vibrant red dress. | Special Marjorie de Sousa She falls in love as the ideal gift with a vibrant red dress, because in her most recent pose with a glass of champagne and luxury gifts, she stole glances with her beauty. The Venezuelan … Read more

Yalitza Aparicio’s skirt ideal to highlight curves and look stylized


Yalitza Aparicio, the actress from Rome, quickly became an icon because of the success of the film. The realm of fashion soon captured her magnetism, beauty and personality. And for that, brands like Prada she was chosen to model and represent the firm. The Mexican actress thus shared on Instagram – where she has 2.2 … Read more

Salma Hayek and the ideal all black look if you are over 50 years old


What Salma Hayek, several celebrities from all over the world are dating, after the pandemic, to fulfill events and work commitments and take the opportunity to look elegant, produced and impeccable as we love to see them. Today we are inspired by the Mexican star with a special look for women over 50. The Mexican … Read more

Adamari López and the ideal sandals to show off tanned legs


Adamari Lopez enjoy your legs turned and tanned after completely changing their image, when during the pandemic He managed to turn his diet and daily exercise 360 ​​degrees. That is why every detail of her outfits aims to look stylish, sensual and feminine. The flip flops, an essential fashion item, they are a great trick … Read more