The secrets of Sofía Jirau, the model with Down Syndrome who is the new face of the inclusive Victoria’s Secret campaign

The 25-year-old model is also an entrepreneur of her own fashion brand, Alavett, which means “I love it”, her favorite phrase, and in which she offers clothing, accessories and products for the home Sofia is a model and actressa native of Puerto Rico, her name began to be heard when in 2020 she became one … Read more

Regina Blandón responded to those who criticize her for using inclusive language: “We must inform ourselves”

Regina Blandón speaks out in favor of inclusive language Mexican actress, Regina Blandon has stood out throughout its history, for being a Algid promoter of social causes such as her support for the community LGBTQ+, in favor of the decriminalization of abortion and the use of inclusive language. Due to this, various users on social … Read more