Former neighbors of Shakira and Piqué revealed details of the ex-soccer player’s alleged infidelities

Shakira and Gerard Piqué have been in the public eye since their breakup was announced on June 4, 2022, after an alleged infidelity by the former soccer player with a 23-year-old girl named Clara Chía. Not long after this news, it was learned that, indeed, the Spaniard was already dating the woman who worked at … Read more

These are some of the best-known infidelities in football worldwide

The relationship between the Colombian singer Shakira and the Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué came to an end after 12 years together and the rumors of infidelity by the athlete sound like the trigger for the couple to put an end to their story. Spanish media have stated that the relationship between the two celebrities ended … Read more

Mariana Garza can detect sexual infidelities with her sense of smell


Mariana was married for more than ten years to actor Pablo Perroni (photo: Instagram/@garza_alardin_marian) The topic of infidelity is one of the most popular in meetings between friends, and now it came up for discussion in Yordi Rosado’s program where he had as a guest Mariana Garza. Although the member of Timbiriche She has been … Read more

Belinda and Christian Nodal ended due to the excesses and infidelities of the singer


Written in CELEBRITIES the 2/15/2022 10:35 a.m. Christian Nodal broke social media this weekend by announcing his final break with Belinda, after almost two years of relationship and the wedding plans they had. Since then neither of them has given more details about the decision they made, but two sources close to the ex-partner mentioned, … Read more

Sienna Miller or the case of women who pay for their partner’s infidelities with their careers | Celebrities, Vips | S Fashion EL PAÍS


There are many reasons why a promising movie star can see his brilliant career predictions fade. An ill-advised selection of projects, a dwindling vocation, a character difficult to manage even by the most patient director, some public controversy that turns his curriculum into damaged material for the department of marketing… In the case of Sienna … Read more