A decade later, Diana of Wales’s favorite tiara that her granddaughter will inherit sees the light again

If Diana of Wales had a piece of jewelry with which she felt favored and —in her fair measure— comfortable, that was the Spencer tiara, the one that bore her own surname and which has belonged to her family since 1919. Along with the so-called Lover’s Knot, the Spencer was his favorite, because he dressed … Read more

Would Luis Miguel’s son inherit his talent? “La Chule” broadcasts a video

Aracely Arámbula Does your son inherit Luis Miguel in voice? | Instagram Aracely Arambula he had two children together with Luis Miguel: Miguel and Daniel Gallegó Arámbula, the children of famous people would inherit the talent of the “Sol de México”. The “Mexican television actress“, Aracely ArambulaShe seems not to be the only artist at … Read more

Octavio Ocaña: They reveal the last will of the “Neighbors” actor, who will inherit his fortune?


The tragic death of Octavio Ocana dressed the show business in mourning and continues to give something to talk about, because now the last will of the actor of “Neighbors” in which he points out the person who would inherit all his fortune. The 22-year-old actor passed away on October 29 shoot up allegedly accidentally … Read more

Get to know the inside of the house that Carmen Salinas will inherit from María Eugenia, her daughter


Last July we introduced you details of the inheritance of the great actress Carmen Salinas, 82, who, despite having almost 60 years of experience and having had a brief stint in politics, does not have a large amount of real estate, since he only has two, the house where he lives and his studio. The … Read more