Romina Richi introduced her new boyfriend: “She came alone for a long time and it happened”

Romina Richie Romina Richie He is married and is so happy that he thinks it is time to make it public. A few days ago the first signs appeared on social networks, albeit in a subtle way. In the photo album of his trip to Puerto Madryn for the MAFICI Film Festival, the actress, who … Read more

Maluma introduced his new girlfriend on Christmas Eve: who is Susana Gómez, the architect who fell in love with him

On Christmas Eve, Maluma introduced his new girlfriend Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known by his stage name Maluma, finally revealed what was already an open secret. In the middle of Christmas, introduced his new girlfriend: Susana Gómez. The detail in the look of Juana Viale in tribute to Mirtha Legrand: “In gratitude to the … Read more

With “her heart racing”, Carolina Sarassa introduced her baby Noah for the first time on television

On August 23, Carolina sarassa became a mom for the second time. The Colombian released the news of the birth of Noah Mattia through social networks, where he received messages of congratulations. Now, two months later, the communicator introduced her son during the show Despierta América. The journalist, who at all times supported Noah In … Read more