The time Maribel Guardia prevented Andrés García from going to jail: “I was going to kill the director”

The actress told an episode that she lived with the actor (Ig: maribelguardia / andresgarciatvoficial) Maribel Guardia and Andres Garcia they carry one friendship of many yearshowever, this connection was recently questioned because the actor claimed that for a time it was difficult to work with the actress from crown of tears 2 And it … Read more

“I was going to go to jail or I was going to see a grave”: This has been Jada Pinkett Smith’s fight against her addictions to alcohol, sex and her acceptance of alopecia | People | Entertainment

The controversy of Oscar awards starring Will Smith and Chris Rock put in the eye of public opinion the family of the “Men in Blacks” actor, including his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. A joke about the actress’s alopecia was enough for the interpreter to detonate and go on stage to slap the comedian, who, like … Read more

Yadhira Carrillo clarifies that she did not leave her husband Juan Collado in jail


Yadhira Carrillo clarifies that she did not abandon her husband Juan Collado in jail. | instagram special Yadhira Carrillo clarifies that she did not leave her husband in jailWell, since the well-known lawyer was arrested, the actress of soap operas like “Loving You Is My Sin”, “The other” and “love barrier”, had not missed visits … Read more

Andrea Rincón, concerned about the case of the poisoned drug: “This disease always bottoms out, a hospital, the cemetery or jail”


Andrea Rincon Andrea Rincón referred to the case of poisoned cocaine that left more than 23 dead and more than fifty hospitalized. In addition to expressing his support for the families of the victims, The former Big Brother highlighted the importance of knowing how to ask for help. “Our condolences to the family and strength … Read more

Lindsay Lohan, Shia LaBeouf and other Hollywood actors who spent time in jail


Although they are recognized throughout the world and many people can consider them as examples to follow, not everything has been rosy in the lives of the actors of Hollywood, since they have also known how to hit rock bottom and several of them ended up in prison for their bad actions against the law. … Read more

Alfredo Adame against Laura Bozzo: “I want to see her in jail”


Alfredo Adame assured that Laura Bozzo has not been saved from prison (Photo: Instagram) Alfredo Adame He did not spare the holidays to make peace with his family or personalities from the entertainment world with whom he lives in constant conflict. The actor revived his viral problem with the presenter Laura bozzo and he assured … Read more

This is how Yosstop celebrated Christmas out of jail: “Enjoy your family”


This is how Yosstop celebrated his first Christmas out of jail The controversial youtuber, Yoseline Hoffman, better known as Yosstop, shared a series of photographs where he is seen enjoying a family dinner in the company of his boyfriend and their dogs, celebrating the Christmas holidays after his release from the Santa Martha Acatitla prison. … Read more

Famous that their parents were in jail: two of them were given life sentences


Some families have a member who acts against the law, so regardless of whether their children are recognized celebrities, these parents have had to pay their crimes with jail. Meet the parents of the famous who were convicted and the causes. Samuel Nowlin is the progenitor of the action star in ‘John Wick’, however, the … Read more

Gaby Spanic: what happened to Marcia Fernández after going to jail for allegedly poisoning the actress


11 years ago, the soap opera actress, Gaby spanic suffered one of the most traumatic events in his life. The famous ‘Usurpadora’ when she began to have fame in Mexico hired a young Argentine as her assistant without thinking that this could be one of the most terrible decisions of her life. Here we tell … Read more

Are you getting divorced? In mourning and with her husband in jail, the missing Televisa actress gives serious news


Written in SHOWS the 10/28/2021 · 18:08 hs Mexico City.- Strong news circulates about the actress Yadhira Carrillo, who abandoned the Televisa soap operas in 2008 and He disappeared of acting to dedicate herself to her family and whose husband, the lawyer Juan Collado, is in the jail. Click here and discover more information about … Read more