The real reasons for the divorce between JLo and Marc Anthony

Rumors of infidelity, manipulation and anxiety were among the reasons why JLo and Marc Anthony ended their relationship (Photos: Intagram/@jlo_thonyfans/Twitter/@Lasectrellas-holly) The name of Jennifer Lopez It has the peculiar characteristic of being one of the most important in the history of Latinos, since it has raised Spanish-speakers in the United States and the world thanks … Read more

In JLo style, Aracely Arámbula looks more than beautiful in white

Aracely Arámbula looks more than beautiful, Jennifer Lopez style | Instagram Aracely Arámbula In Jennifer Lopez style, this is how the always beautiful and statuesque Aracely Arambula He was seen on social networks with a photograph worthy of being considered a work of art. Aracely Arambula Jacques She was seen with a more than elegant … Read more

Meet the French palace that could be the new home of JLo and Ben Affleck in Beverly Hills

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were seen touring a French-style chateau. Photo: Getty Images/Grosby Group The search for a love nest continues Jennifer Lopez and to Ben Affleckwhen it became known that they were seen visiting an imposing mansion in the area of beverly hillswhose price is $32,750,000 dollars. The property, which is known as … Read more

Alfredo Adame wants to give an engagement ring as expensive as Ben Affleck’s to JLo: “I have my little storage”


The actor will get married soon (Photo: screenshot/YouTube) After the latest controversy Alfredo Adame with the lawyer of Carlos Trejo, the former driver of Today announced from a video on his social networks that he is already making preparations for his wedding with Magaly Chavez. And now, the controversial actor surprised by saying that he … Read more

From JLo to Maite Perroni: William Levy and all the FAMOUS that the heartthrob has conquered


William Levy is in the middle of a big controversy after announcing his separation with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, via an Instagram post that was later deleted. One of the reasons that many have handled as the cause of the breakup is the infidelity from the actor with Alicia Sanchez, with whom he has supposedly had a … Read more

Jaqueline Andere does not ask JLo for anything and shows off her charms in mini shorts at 83


Jaqueline Andere does not ask JLo for anything and shows off her charms in mini shorts at 83. | instagram special Jacqueline Andere He does not ask JLo for anything and shows off his charms in mini shorts at 83, it was his own daughter Chantal Andere who proudly showed how well preserved the great … Read more

She looks like JLo and she danced with Shakira. Cuban singer will represent Spain in Eurovision

Chanel Terrero RTVE She has the name of a fashionable perfume, she dances like Jennifer López and has worked with Shakira. Cuban singer, dancer and actress Chanel Terrero has just won the Benidorm festival with the theme SloMo, with the potential to become a hit, in which he invites to “break hips and hearts” and … Read more

More intelligent and lying zodiac signs; Lucky charms; the Cuban Murderer and JLo

Throughout the convulsed year 2021, the Nuevo Herald published an infinity of local, national and world news daily both on its Internet portal and in its paper edition. Among the most memorable and sadly most tragic events were the assault on the United States Capitol on January 6, the continuing health and economic challenges posed … Read more

Danna Paola and JLo are all schoolgirls; queens of lace lingerie: PHOTOS


It is no secret to anyone that fashion does not forgive age, since everything focuses on the personality and security with which one behaves, so Danna Paola and Jennifer López have been a true inspiration for different generations. On the one hand, there is the singer of Mexican origin, who rose to international fame after … Read more

JLo is upset with Ben Affleck for his statements against Jennifer Garner


They claim that Jennifer Lopez is upset by Ben Affleck’s statements against his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner (Reuters) Ben affleck, who has been in rehabilitation on several occasions, said that during his marriage to Jennifer Garner drank to tolerate their relationship. A controversial statement that did not go down well with the actress’s fans as well … Read more