Dwayne Johnson had a complicated relationship with his dad and regrets not being able to say goodbye to him

Dwayne Johnson. Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Dwayne Johnson49 years old, revealed the life lessons his father gave him and how they were etched in his memory after he passed away in January 2020. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the former WWE professional wrestler recalled those memories while discussing the role of his father, played … Read more

Dwayne Johnson, from actor to billionaire businessman with his own business

Few things are bad for Dwayne johnson, one of the best known celebrities in the world. The American, popularly known as The Rock, had a successful career as professional wrestler in WWE, until his retirement in 2019, and just as successful is his acting career. Johnson is also one of the most influential personalities on … Read more

The temperature rises between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel: “It’s unfortunate”


In recent months, notably following an interview by Vin Diesel on Men’s Health, the dialectical exchange between him and Dwayne Johnson has both been the order of the day. In the background of the matter, a fierce struggle of egos and different ways of understanding work after coinciding in the famous film saga The fast … Read more

Dakota Johnson and her mother Melanie Griffith in matching leggings


Although they could pass for sisters, Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson they are mother and daughter. The American actress (winner of a Golden Globe) has managed to inspire the girl she had with Don Johnson so that today, as a woman, Dakota be a style icon. Like father Like Son. The good mother-child relationship it … Read more

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Gives Latino Fan His $ 150,000 Pickup Truck


American actor Dwayne johnson, better known as “The Rock”, showed that in addition to being a good actor, he has a great heart, by being moved by the story of one of his fans of Latin origin, identified as Oscar Rodriguez, To who gave him his expensive truck, Modified Ford F-150 Raptor, valued at about … Read more

The affectionate meeting of Gwyneth Paltrow and Dakota Johnson at a party in Hollywood

Gwyneth Paltrow and Dakota Johnson they were delighted to see each other again. Chris Martin’s ex-wife and the musician’s girlfriend met at the Gucci Love Parade in Hollywood. They were seen laugh, hug and chat animatedly at the show party, as they posed together for the cameras with their best smiles. The protagonist of Fifty … Read more

They revealed that Chris Martin left Dakota Johnson in the worst way: on his birthday and on WhatsApp


Chris Martin, 44, and Dakota Johnson, 32, have been together since 2017 (The Grosby Group) According to an American media, The Coldplay frontman left his famous girlfriend, Dakota Johnson, for WhatsApp and on her birthday, on October 4, although since then they have appeared together again. As reported by the magazine In TouchThe actress was … Read more

The Jahvel Johnson Tragedy and the Alleged “Curse” of Reality TV Winners


They exist in show business -Mexican and from everywhere – a series of superstitions that people, both in the middle and in the public, They tend to take them as true and repeat them as urban legends. These include the so-called ‘curses’ that are often attributed to various aspects of the show – they are … Read more