Niurka Marcos y Juan Vidal no se aguantan las ganas y hacen de todo en la recámara

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Juan Soler: how was the difficult moment he lived with Itatí Cantoral in “La mexicana y el güero”

What happened to Juan Soler? The Argentine actor returned to the small screen with “The Mexican and the güero”a TelevisaUnivision telenovela in which he starred alongside Itatí Cantoral. Both had a great joint work that was replicated in fiction. However, there was a moving moment that both lived behind the scenes and that the interpreter … Read more

Cynthia Klitbo acusa a Juan Vidal y le envía un mensaje a Niurka en La Casa de los Famosos

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Niurka Marcos and Juan Vidal star in a heated discussion in La Casa de los Famosos 2

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They took a photo of Juan Darthés in a bar in Rio de Janeiro and it went viral due to a gesture from his wife

Juan Darthes Juan Darthes and his wife Maria del Carmen Leone have been living in Brazil for a few years, after Thelma Fardin denounce the actor for rape in Nicaragua, as part of a tour of the youth strip Ugly Duckling. The actress is carrying out a legal battle in the neighboring country, with some … Read more

Gonzalo de Borbón, the cousin of King Juan Carlos who reigned in the pink press of the 80s: surprise weddings, a secret daughter and many scandals

As if of the Grimaldi concerned it seems that the Bourbons are also destined for sad and tragic childhoods and that of Gonzalo de Bourbonbrother of Alfonso Duke of Cadizcousin of King Juan Carlos and son of infant Don Jaime, could not be less. If the circumstances had been different Gonzalo from Bourbon instead of … Read more

The Last King: Juan Osorio’s series revived the accusations of sexual abuse against Vicente Fernández

Lupita Castro assured that Vicente Fernández used his influences to try to bury his accusations of sexual abuse (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Lupita Castro Entertainment) The second season of the series El Último Rey, El Hijo del Pueblo where the life of Vicente Fernandezbased on a book not authorized by the family of the Mexican interpreter, … Read more

Juan Soler officially presented his girlfriend: the photos of their romantic meeting

At the beginning of 2021, Juan Soler revealed that he gave love a new chance. The Argentine actor kept for more than a year the anonymity of his new girlfriendbut finally decided to show the woman that makes him so happy. Two years after his divorce with Maki Moguilevsky, Juan Soler decided to fall in … Read more

“All mine”, Christian Nodal, a real Don Juan… 4 and counting

Christian Nodal after Belinda, goes for the fourth in two months | Instagram Christian Nodal has been unstoppable since his breakup with Belinda, he has been caught with a different woman, in just two months the “Mexican regional” has appeared with four different girls. It is a fact that the singer Christian Nodal has decided … Read more

What Juan Osorio said about the catalog of actresses on Televisa

Osorio gave his opinion on the Televisa catalog (Photo: File) Televisa is one of the most important Mexican television stations in the country and a rumor that has remained for several generations is the existence of a Catalogue, which allegedly contains personal data of Mexican actresses. This with the purpose of “offering” them to other … Read more