The expression of the judge in the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard that went viral: “She is exhausted”

The expression of the judge in the case of Johnny

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is currently in recess (Photo: AP-AP) The trial initiated by Johnny Depp, where he claims his ex-wife Amber Heard a compensation of 50 million dollars, left several pearls since it started weeks ago. In social networks, for example, they viralized an expression made by the judge in … Read more

Driver who hit rapper Nicki Minaj’s father will serve ‘no more than a year’, judge says

Nicki Minaj’s father was killed by a car 0:44 (CNN) —A hit-and-run driver pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a accident in the suburbs of New York that killed the father of rapper Nicki Minajprosecutors say. Charles Polevich, 71, admitted Friday that he left the scene of the February 2021 crash that fatally injured … Read more

Judge determines that Héctor Soberón must give surname and pension to alleged unrecognized son

Judge determines that Hector Soberon must give surname and pension

After six years of legal battle, this Monday, April 18, a judge in Mexico City determined that the actor Héctor Soberón, former partner of Michelle Vieth, You must give your last name to the son of Brigitt Karen Rivera. In 2016, Rivera filed a lawsuit against Soberón with the aim of legally recognizing his son, … Read more

In front of the Brazilian consulate and surrounded by actresses, Thelma Fardin spoke of the annulment of the trial of Juan Darthés: “I was the judge”

In front of the Brazilian consulate and surrounded by actresses

Thelma Fardin press conference “Look how we fight” read the posters posted on Carlos Pellegrini street at the door ofhe Consulate of Brazil where Thelma Fardin and her colleagues from the group of Argentine Actresses got together to claim, after the Brazilian Justice declare the nullity of the trial against Juan Darthés that takes place … Read more

Everything that has happened so that Meghan Markle has been forced to apologize to a judge

With a triumphant statement, Meghan Markle celebrated her legal victory against ANL, the publishing group to which she belongs Mail on Sunday, whom he denounced for making public a private letter he sent to his father shortly after her wedding to Prince Harry. It was in February of this year when the judge agreed with … Read more