The important promise that Kanye West made to Kim Kardashian for the sake of their children

In recent months, the reputation of the American-born singer and businessman, Kanye West, has been called into question by the number of shares he has relaunched. And it is that shortly after they officially announced their separation at the beginning of 2020, Kim Kardashian herself was the one who assured that the rapper was having … Read more

“He’s just a boy!” Jon Stewart Defends Pete Davidson From Kanye West Attacks

Written in CELEBRITIES the 3/23/2022 10:55 p.m. In the last weeks, pete davidsonn has had to face the attacks of kanye-west on social networks and although the comedian has preferred to remain silent, some of his friends have come out to defend him, including Jon Stewart. During an appearance on Howard Stern’s “SiriusXM” radio show, … Read more

From bed with Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson sends messages to Kanye West

Pete Davidson and Kanye West. Photo: Mike Stobe/Brandon Magnus/Getty Images Peter Davidson has revealed some of the text messages he has exchanged with kanye-west through screenshots shared through the Instagram account of his friend Dave Sirus, another cast member of the popular show ‘Saturday Night Live’. In short, the humorist demands that the rapper meet … Read more

This is Kanye West’s new girlfriend: university graduate and Instagram star

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Photo: Valerie Macon/Getty Images This week kanye-west He has presented in public the woman with whom he has been seen in public after his breakup with actress Julia Fox, posing with her for a selfie on Instagram. At the moment it is not clear if they are an official couple … Read more

The unusual legal strategy of Kanye West to not sign the divorce to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, 41, applied to be legally single in the midst of her divorce from Kanye West (EFE) The divorce case kim kardashian will be the center of attention Wednesday in a Los Angeles courtroom when she asks a judge to declare her legally single before having resolved all matters related to his estate and … Read more

The three conditions of Kanye West to Kim Kardashian to allow her to be single before consummating the divorce

Kanye West puts legal obstacles to Kim Kardashian to be single again (Getty Images) kim kardashian41, has applied to be able to declare legally single before having resolved all matters related to his estate and the custody of his four children, but kanye-west He is not willing to make things easy for you. The ex-partner’s … Read more

Kanye West puts legal and economic obstacles to Kim Kardashian so that she can be single again

The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Divorce It has been processed for more than a year and nothing seems to move forward in this thorny legal matter in which its protagonists seem to be increasingly distant. In fact, the matter is going so slowly that in December the Californian businesswoman decided to go one step … Read more

Kanye West: Updates on his career, Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox

Kim Kardashian reveals what led to her split from Kanye West 1:02 (CNN) — kanye-west it’s all over the headlines right now. Among his (now mostly deleted) social media posts about his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, the “SNL” star Peter DavidsonUntil the end of his brief relationship with actress Julia Fox and … Read more

Harassment and takedown: Kanye West’s desperate posts to win back Kim Kardashian

(Photo: EFE/EPA/Jason Szenes/File) Post and delete. Delete a message and share a new one. He begs, gets angry, insults and chains one controversy after another. The Instagram account of kanye-west It has become a chaos of publications that disappear after a few hours and that do not go unnoticed, because in them the rapper opens … Read more