Karla Panini attacked Consuelo Duval: “The lady got on the car to gain followers”

Karla Panini responded to Consuelo Duval Photo: Instagram @kpaninimx / @consueloduval Six years after conceiving marriage with the ex-husband of her best friend, Karla Panini continues to receive criticism from society and not only from users on social networks, but famous artists have also expressed their opinion since then. Although the comedian does not seem … Read more

How Karla Panini became one of the most hated women in Mexico (and decided to take advantage of it)

Karla Luna and Karla Panini (left), better known as “Las Lavanderas” staged a great scandal because Karla Panini got involved with her partner’s husband, Américo Garza. As much as they tried to settle their differences, the conflict was so serious that the successful program ended and the marriage ended. Panini was left as the traitor … Read more

Óscar Burgos detailed why he divorced Karla Panini: “We saw each other very little”


Óscar Burgos gave details of his separation from Karla Panin The famous Mexican presenter and actor, Oscar Burgoswhich was behind the creation of the laundresses where his ex-wife, Karla Panini, was one of the protagonists. The comedian had the opportunity to detail what were the reasons that led him to end his relationship with the … Read more

Get to know the house where Adamari López celebrated Alaïa and Karla Monroig’s birthdays


Last weekend, the Dominican presenter Adamari Lopez celebrated Puerto Rican’s 43rd birthday in advance Karla Monroigas well as that of Alaiahis little daughter. Through a series of photographs and videos, disseminated by Cynthia Torres and by herself, we were able to find out some details of the celebration held in the garden and in the … Read more

Francisca Lachapel, Karla Martínez and more talents from ‘Despierta América’ react to the incorporation of Jessica Rodríguez


Jessica Rodríguez the fresh face of ‘Despierta América’. Photo: Wake up America / Univision Yesterday we told you that It was made official that Jessica Rodríguez joins ‘Despierta América’ as presenterand his peers like Francisca Lachapel, Karla Martínez, Chef Yisus Díaz, Raúl González and more talents reacted to their incorporation. Not only in the announcement … Read more

Karla Panini will once again be a “Laundress”


Photo: Instagram @kpaninimx The controversial comedian Karla Panini will return to incarnate the character that led her to stardom, because together with the deceased Karla Luna they interpreted The Laundresses, same characters that would provoke their enmity. Through your Instagram account, Panini shared a photograph in which he is seen wearing his “La Comadre güera” … Read more

Karla Panini accused Karla Luna’s family of paying for attacks against her


Karla Panini made it clear that the hatred against her is affecting her children (IG: malinfluencersmx) Karla Panini It is again in the public eye after the former Laundress declared on her official Instagram account that the family of the deceased Karla Luna is paying for haters against him. The influencer believes that it is … Read more

Costume duel: Yanet García vs. Karla Souza


Approaches Halloween and celebrities have taken advantage of the countdown of this tradition to show off their best fancy dress and, why not ?, draw several sighs among his admirers in the social networks. In this duel two famous beauties faced each other: Yanet García and Karla Souza, who showed off with their creativity, sensuality … Read more

Karla Panini attacked Karla Luna’s family: “Parasites and livers”


Comedian Karla Panini attacked Karla Luna’s family Photo: Facebook / I am Karla Panini The comedian Karla Panini lashed out at Karla Luna’s family, who was her co-worker and best friend on and off the screen, after the latter’s sister assured that Panini did witchcraft to Luna to worsen her health. In addition, Karla announced … Read more

El Potrillo and Karla Laveaga enjoy their love in the happiest place in the world

Since the tour of Alejandro Fernandez In the United States, the singer has not returned to our country, rather, he has taken advantage of his visit to some cities of the American Union to tour with his family. After seeing it pose at the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago, next to Karla Laveaga and his … Read more