A punto de lanzar Skkn, Kim Kardashian posa como modelo griega en sesión artística

Kim Kardashian posa como griega en sesión artística para Skkn | INSTAGRAM Es reconocida como una de las famosas con la mejor piel en todo el mundo del espectáculo, Kim Kardashian es la modelo estadounidense que desde que se hizo famosa ha resaltado por este detalle, una belleza impecable que esconde varios secretos que está … Read more

Kim Kardashian intenta distraer la atención del vestido de Marilyn con fotos de vacaciones con Davidson

Kim Kardashian elogia a Pete Davidson y sus habilidades fotográficas en unas nuevas fotografías que compartió de sus vacaciones tropicales en Instagram. La estrella de reality shows tomó una nota del libro de mamá Kris Jenner y publicó las fotos supuestamente como una distracción de las personas que la criticaron en las redes sociales por … Read more

In a silver beach suit, Kim Kardashian is presumed complete with Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian shines in a silver beach suit with Pete | INSTAGRAM The beautiful American businesswoman, kim kardashianis not only good for business but also for posing in front of a camera, being one of the favorite models on the Internet, which gives her the opportunity to show off in front of millions of people … Read more

Kim Kardashian says that she would be able to eat excrement to look young and gives a lot to think about

Kim Kardashian said she went on a crash diet to lose 15 pounds. (Photo by Gotham/Getty Images) Much of the success of many celebrities is based on controversy, and on getting the media to talk about them in any way. Here I am, in fact, falling into the trap again of giving space to the … Read more

Great, Kim Kardashian boasts tight outfit walking on a yacht

Kim Kardashian boasts tight outfit walking on a yacht | INSTAGRAM The famous american businesswoman, kim kardashianwas out on a yacht in the city of portofinoItaly, accompanied by her daughter Northposing in front of the cameras in different poses and moments sharing it with his Instagram audience. The model put her talents into practice with … Read more

Kim Kardashian dazzles in style in a mini skirt and crop top while traveling on a yacht

kim kardashian continue to share through your social networks her many outfits full of glamor and style with which she has dazzled since Portofino in Italy where he went with his family for his older sister’s wedding, Kourtney Kardashian, with musician and drummer Travis Barker. The stunning socialite and businesswoman looks spectacular in one of … Read more

Barbie Girl style, Demi Rose unseats Kim Kardashian

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Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada: “The queen of the world is Kim Kardashian and I would love to dress her”


Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada with Infobae: “The queen of the world is Kim Kardashian and I would love to dress her” For Agatha Ruiz de la PradaBuenos Aires is a great meeting point where you know that her friends are always waiting for her with arms wide open and dinner ready. The same thing … Read more

Kim Kardashian is recorded in front of the mirror with white and translucent pants, without underwear


Kim Kardashian. Photo: Jean Baptiste/Getty Images kim kardashian He shared a video on his social networks where he appears posing in front of the mirror with a set of white but transparent clothes. Some will describe him as translucent, but in the end the only thing that matters is that he decided to be seen … Read more

Kim Kardashian dazzles in 1-strap mini beach suit

Kim Kardashian dazzles in 1-strap mini beach suit | INSTAGRAM Sometimes the stories that the beautiful american model share, kim kardashianare better than her own publications, this time showing us the incredible figure she has in a beautiful beach suit He appeared posing with swords before the camera. It is a piece entertainment shared through … Read more