Gonzalo de Borbón, the cousin of King Juan Carlos who reigned in the pink press of the 80s: surprise weddings, a secret daughter and many scandals

As if of the Grimaldi concerned it seems that the Bourbons are also destined for sad and tragic childhoods and that of Gonzalo de Bourbonbrother of Alfonso Duke of Cadizcousin of King Juan Carlos and son of infant Don Jaime, could not be less. If the circumstances had been different Gonzalo from Bourbon instead of … Read more

The Last King: Juan Osorio’s series revived the accusations of sexual abuse against Vicente Fernández

Lupita Castro assured that Vicente Fernández used his influences to try to bury his accusations of sexual abuse (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Lupita Castro Entertainment) The second season of the series El Último Rey, El Hijo del Pueblo where the life of Vicente Fernandezbased on a book not authorized by the family of the Mexican interpreter, … Read more

Pablo Montero denied appearing drunk at recordings of “The Last King”


The singer is involved in the controversy for participating in the unauthorized bioseries of Vicente Fernández. (Photo: EFE/Francisco Guasco/File) Pablo Montero broke the silence around the rumors that monopolized the spotlight for a few days. And it is that the protagonist of the unauthorized series by Vicente Fernández He was accused of going to a … Read more

The most difficult moments of the marriage of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia: unshared friends, family estrangement, scandals and disagreements in public

Today, May 22, is the 18 years since the wedding of Don Felipe Y Letizia. Years in which they have formed a family, become kings and have had to face complicated family situations: the Noós case and the many financial scandals of King Juan Carlos and his extramarital affairs. Despite the tensions to which they … Read more

Prince Charles of England, closer to becoming the oldest king who could access the throne | People | Entertainment


Prince Charles, the queen’s eldest son Isabel II, 96 years old, he should inherit the throne in case she is incapacitated or dies. Currently, the Prince carlos he is first in line to the British throne. He and Camilla, who will become queenwill remain at the head of the royal family once the queen decides … Read more

Silvia Navarro enjoys Versailles in the company of her ‘king’, her son León

No matter where in the world you are, Silvia Navarro always is accompanied by her son Leon with whom you are enjoying some well deserved vacation in France. After an unforgettable adventure they lived mother and son in icelanda destination they visited in the company of a group of friends of which they were also … Read more

Luis de Llano: King Midas of Mexican TV sunk for believing himself untouchable


What is happening right now in the world of Mexican entertainment is what the famous and now deceased Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño, who lived in Mexico for many years, would describe as “a shit storm.” Luis de Llano Macedo during an event in Cancun in 2019. (Photo by Medios y Media/Getty Images) It all happened … Read more

The changes in the royal family that Prince Charles plans when he becomes king


Prince Charles of England and his wife Camila Parker-Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall (EFE) Royal experts believe it is likely that the Prince carlos scale back the monarchy when he becomes king of England, but this is not the only change he is expected to make. The heir has already indicated that during his reign he … Read more

Mourning the actress Regina King before the death of her only son


NEW YORK– Ian Alexander Jr., the only son of the award-winning actress and director Regina King died. On Wednesday he turned 26. “Our family is devastated at the deepest level by the loss of Ian,” said a family statement shared Saturday by a spokesman for King. “He is such a shining light who cared so … Read more

Who is the influencer with whom Rusher King would have cheated on María Becerra


María Becerra separated from Rusher King and Agustina Kogan is the one designated as the third in contention Last weekend a scandal broke out between Maria Becerra and her boyfriend, Rusher king. It all started in Twitter, when the popular singer stopped following him and, immediately, posted explosive messages. “Son of re thousand p … … Read more