La Tigresa del Oriente assures that Peruvians do not want Laura Bozzo

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Laura León “La Tesorito” defendió a Karol G ante las críticas de Lyn May

Laura León aprovechó para pedir una colaboración con Karol G (Foto: CUARTOSCURO) En meses recientes, Lyn May ha lanzado comentarios para juzgar el cuerpo, los movimientos y la vestimenta de famosas más jóvenes que ella, algunos de los blancos de sus críticas han sido: Danna Paola, Becky G, Belinda y Karol G, la cantante que … Read more

What Laura Londoño said about working with William Levy again


Would Laura Londoño work with William Levy again? Why Laura Londoño found it difficult to work with William Levy in “Coffee with the aroma of a woman” The most emotional photos of Laura Londoño and her wedding with Santiago Mora Laura Londono is one of the most internationally recognized Colombian actresses thanks to her role … Read more

Laura Londoño: for this reason it was difficult for her to work with William Levy in “Café con aroma de mujer”


The success of “Café con aroma de mujer” is largely due to the chemistry that was between its protagonists Laura Londoño and William Levy. However, if her great professionalism was evident on screen, for the Colombian actress, working with the Cuban heartthrob turned out to be harder than it seems. Why? MORE INFORMATION: Find out … Read more

The hard encounter between Laura Bozzo, Natalia Alcocer and Ivonne Montero that ended in medical assistance


Laura Bozzo attacked Ivonne Montero and Natalia Alcocer in La Casa de los Famosos 2 (Photo: Telemundo) The House of Celebrities 2 suffered one of its most tense moments of the season by finding Laura Bozzo at a bad time, who did not hesitate to lash out with shouts and strong words against her companions. … Read more

The expulsion of ‘Potro’ causes a fight between Laura Bozzo and Natalia in La Casa de los Famosos


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Laura Londoño: the most emotional photos of her wedding with Santiago Mora


Laura Londonowho played the “Seagull” in “Woman-fragranced coffee”, is married to Santiago Mora and they have been in a relationship for more than ten years. The Colombian actress and the filmmaker have two daughters, Allegra and Mikaela, who was born in February 2022, establishing themselves as one of the most stable couples in the Colombian … Read more

Lucía Méndez attacked Laura Bozzo for criticizing her face: “She was in front of a mirror”


Lucía Méndez responded to Laura Bozzo after the criticism she received from the presenter (Photos: Instagram @luciamendezof//@laurabozzo_of) Lucia Mendez responded to criticism Laura Bozzo did in the reality show The House of the FamousWell, the presenter criticized cosmetic surgeries to which the actress has been subjected. During a meeting with the media, Lucía Méndez was … Read more

Salvador Zerboni tears Laura Bozzo to pieces the day after taking her to the suite


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