Khloé Kardashian lashes out at Tristan Thompson after learning he cheated on her again

During the season finale of ‘The Kardashians’, the moment in which the founder of Good American learned the truth about the new infidelity of her then partner was finally shown. Speaking on camera for the show, which was recorded after the event, Khloe said she found Thompson’s cheating humiliating, mainly because she didn’t find out … Read more

The word of Vanesa, El Noba’s mother, minutes before learning of the death of her son

Vanesa, Noba’s mother spoke about the singer’s health: “His heart beats” Lautaro Colonelpopularly known as The Noba, passed away Friday at noon After spending just over a week in the Hospital of High Complexity in Network El Cruce Dr. Néstor Carlos Kirchnerby Florencio Varela, after being involved in an accident while traveling on his motorcycle. … Read more

Eric del Castillo makes it clear if he reconsiders getting vaccinated after learning that his daughter Kate has covid

Eric del Castillo revealed that he was unaware that his daughter Kate He tested positive for covid-19 and that he is “in recovery” at home in the US, as announced by the actress on Tuesday, January 11. The 87-year-old actor reacted to the news, which he found out through the media because he said that … Read more

Shakira’s affectionate message to Princess Charlotte after learning that she is a fan of ‘Waka Waka’

Close, fun and also very committed. These are the facets of himself that Prince William has reflected in his last interview in the podcast Time to walk Apple, a space in which He has spoken of mental health, but also of the anecdotes of his life and his family. Recalling his childhood, he explained that … Read more

Khloé Kardashian, in shock after learning that Tristan Thompson could have had a child with another woman

It seemed that between Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson everything was calmer. In fact, in these months there had been talk that they were thinking of giving a little brother or sister to their three-year-old daughter True. Nevertheless, the basketball player has been embroiled in a scandal which has caused a huge stir in recent … Read more

Geraldine Bazán on the rumors that have reached her: ‘One is learning along the way’

With the batteries more than recharged after your recent vacation in Europe, Geraldine Bazan focuses on his new professional projects, while enjoy every moment with your musketeers. The actress has managed to turn the page after some complicated situations that she went through in the past, which reached some aspects of her personal life. All … Read more