Amber Heard hit Johnny Depp so he wouldn’t leave her, marriage counselor reveals

Amber Heard hit Johnny Depp so he wouldn’t leave her, therapist reveals. | PHOTO: AP A few days after the controversial trial between actress Amber Heard and her ex-husband, the famous actor from Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Deppnew and chilling revelations come to light from the person who was her marriage counselor for several … Read more

Will Smith: the Hollywood Academy says the actor refused to leave the Oscar gala after slapping Chris Rock

EFE Latam Videos Havana Book Fair will host 32 countries and Mexico is guest of honor Havana, March 30 (EFE) .- Cuba will celebrate the thirtieth International Book Fair (FIL) in Havana —between April 20 and 30— with representatives from 32 countries and Mexico as “guest of honor” , after two years of suspension due … Read more

Yadhira Carrillo clarifies that she did not leave her husband Juan Collado in jail


Yadhira Carrillo clarifies that she did not abandon her husband Juan Collado in jail. | instagram special Yadhira Carrillo clarifies that she did not leave her husband in jailWell, since the well-known lawyer was arrested, the actress of soap operas like “Loving You Is My Sin”, “The other” and “love barrier”, had not missed visits … Read more

Leave even the soul, the “Cuban” fulfills its objective from the gym


Livia Brito from the gym slims her figure with a hard routine | Instagram Livia Brito He does not stop sharing frequent content on social networks and again reappears in a video shared on his Instagram stories from which he shows his hard way of training. No doubt the “TV actress“, Livia Britohas become a … Read more

Berkay Ateş: find out if the actor who plays Aras will leave the soap opera “Unfaithful”


A character from the soap operaUnfaithful” who has won the applause of the public is Aras, played by the actor Berkay Ates who appears in the second season of the famous Ottoman drama. His closeness to Dr. Asya and the unconditional support he gives her are details that fans of this production have highlighted about … Read more

Christian Nodal’s mother asked Belinda to leave her son: Pepillo Origel


The couple has given very expensive gifts (Photo: Twitter) Belinda and Christian Nodal have become one of the most beloved couples in the middle of the show, however, they have not been exempt from being in controversy and this occasion was no exception since the journalist Juan José Origel assured that not everything is hunky-dory. … Read more

Bella Hadid recounts how anxiety did not allow her to leave the house


Anxiety is not a trivial issue or easy to overcome for those who have to deal with it at different times in their lives, whether it is an anonymous or famous person. The model Bella Hadid has been trying to raise awareness about her, and about mental illnesses in general, for some time now, making … Read more

The famous billionaires who will leave their children without an inheritance


The world has many billionaires who have made a career in different sectors such as technology, acting and music. They accumulate billions of dollars in their bank accounts which, as many would expect, should be passed on to their children. However, the following Famous they have been clear in saying that leaving money to their … Read more

Jennifer López’s dramatic childhood and the valuable life lesson she seeks to leave with her children


Jennifer Lopez (Photo: REUTERS) Jennifer Lopez She is one of those double star artists: a Hollywood actress, a world famous singer. He began his career in the seventh art: in 1987 he had a minor role in My litte girl. They reached her with a few minutes on stage so that, from then on, the … Read more

Diego Boneta already wants to leave Luis Miguel behind and thinks of Hollywood


Diego Boneta will sign a series in Hollywood (Photo: diego / Instagram) Diego Boneta has achieved international fame with his interpretation of the “Sol de México”, however although Luis Miguel The Series came to an end after the premiere of his third season, the singer also wants to turn the page and continue his acting … Read more