Who is Carla Vigo, the queen’s niece who criticizes Letizia’s toned arms: “They don’t look good on a girl, I would look horrible”

Maybe Carla Vigoniece of Queen Letizia, has taken a step forward just now and unfortunately so out of sheer unconsciousness. Letizia Ortiz’s niece, 21, has wanted Give your opinion about her royal aunt and about her cousin and future queen Eleanor at the most inconvenient moment: when the visit of the King Juan Carlos first … Read more

Who is who in Queen Letizia’s circle of trust: this is the great team that has made her the most relevant monarch of the moment

They are the architects of the Queen Letizia leave everyone with mouth open with their lookswith their his appearances in ARCO or at Fashion Week and with his speeches. Even when you saw more basic with flat and comfortable shoes. It is her trusted team, the six people who work every day to make the … Read more

Queen Letizia’s wink to Princess Leonor after Father’s Day

Premiere of agenda for the Kings. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia They have moved to the city of Valencia, to preside over the delivery of the 2021 National Innovation and Design Awards in their different modalities for another year. Some awards that have gone this year to Eduardo Anitua (Innovative Career), Cosentino SA (Large Company), … Read more

From Kate’s 40 years to Letizia’s 50 and Diana’s 25 to death: Agenda Royal 2022


Who more and who less already has a dietary 2022 in which to write down all the important dates that each of us will have: the birthday of a relative, the wedding anniversary of some friends, a medical appointment … techies‘they will be doing the same but in their Google calendar, to have everything in … Read more

Letizia’s little incident in Sweden that reveals what she has in her bag


11/25/2021 – 20:20 Updated: 11/25/2021 – 21:03 Probably one of the best kept secrets in any queen, princess or royal in general – the more secret the higher the rank – it is what’s in your bagEspecially when they carry those clutches and purses so small, in which there is minimal room. And of course, … Read more

Carelessness or stunt? The twist of Letizia’s ponytail that has gone unnoticed


Kate Middleton may have worn ponytail in formal acts before Letizia. However, the Spanish Queen has been in charge of finding the perfect hairstyle, capable of rejuvenating, keeping up with trends, enhancing hair health and combining naturalness with elegance. The leticoleta Not only has it become a hairstyle that Leonor and Sofía can adapt to … Read more