China Suárez showed the emotional letter that Jey Mammon wrote to her when she was her catechist

China Suárez and Jey Mammon On their social networks, Eugenia The China Suarez shared a childhood memory with Jey Mammon and surprised his followers. The actress published on her Instagram account a letter that the current driver of Morfi (telefe) wrote to her when she was his catechism student. In the letter, she thanked him … Read more

After the death of his mother, Humberto Zurita dedicated a moving letter to Christian Bach

Christian Bach died on February 26, 2019 due to respiratory arrest (Photo: Instagram) a few days after her mother’s death, Mrs. Guadalupe Moreno, Humberto Zurita has reappeared on social networks to commemorate with some anticipation the third death anniversary of his wife Christian Bach. The remembered protagonist of the jackal passed away on February 26, … Read more

Feeling? The letter that Octavio Ocaña had left with the name of his HEIR


It was the morning of November 29 when the world woke up with the tragic news of the death of Octavio Ocaña, the actor who for 16 years gave life to the tender child of “Necinos”, “Benito Rivers”. Both actors and fans expressed the surprise that the news had generated, because the actor was 22 … Read more

The painful betrayal that led Meghan Markle’s father to deliver the letter his daughter wrote to him


Meghan Markle has apologized for lying to a British court about the extent of her cooperation with the authors of a book about her and Prince Harry (Getty Images) Thomas markle He kept his daughter’s explosive letter a “top secret” for six months but decided to hand over excerpts of the letter after feeling betrayed … Read more

Thelma Fardin’s letter after the confirmation of the date of the trial against Juan Darthés: “That same day there may be a sentence”


On November 30, the oral trial against Juan Darthés for the crime of aggravated sexual abuse of Thelma Fardin will begin in São Paulo, Brazil The next November 30 will begin in São Paulo, Brazil, the oral trial against Juan Darthés for the crime of aggravated sexual abuse of Thelma Fardin. The actress filed the … Read more

China Suárez turned to the networks after the open letter of Wanda Nara


China Suárez was designated as the third in contention between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi Since Wanda nara shared the enigmatic message ten days ago: “Another family that you charged for a bitch!”, and after it became known that it was addressed to Eugenia The China Suarez, the media scandal between the businesswoman and Mauro … Read more