An intimate photo of L-Gante with a dancer went viral

L-Ghent In mid-October of last year, just before the singer L-Ghent confirm your separation from the influencer Tamara Baezthe rumor began to circulate that he had some meetings with the dancer luli romero, who participated in some of his video clips. At that time the information was denied, although the separation between the couple also … Read more

Viviana Canosa will denounce L-Gante for gender violence: she will ask for a compensation of 15 million pesos

Viviana Canosa will sue L-Ghent Some days ago, L-Ghent gave a free show at Tecnopolis. “This is my gift to everyone. Free entry at no cost to the State. No political flag. It’s me who wants to give a show to my country and the best place I found is Tecnópolis, which is ours, not … Read more